Comic books: Grading alternate reality Marvel and DC characters

Not all alternate reality characters are created equal. Here are the best and worst alternate Earth heroes and villains from both DC and Marvel graded.

The Batman Who Laughs - Official Trailer
The Batman Who Laughs - Official Trailer / DC
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6. Thomas Wayne: Batman (Flashpoint)

Thomas Wayne becomes Batman when Bruce is killed in Crime Alley instead of him and Martha (who becomes Joker). Later, he goes to Prime Earth and tries to force Bruce to stop being Batman (Batman by Tom King). He does this by ruining his son’s life and attacking and killing people Bruce loves.

Later (after Bane breaks his back), Thomas tries to redeem himself (Infinite Frontier). As good as that story is (including the redemption arc), he killed Alfred. Writers are supposed to be non-biased, but no one who kills Alfred gets a perfect grade.

5. Thor Odinson (Earth-56337)

After Thor failed to protect both Asgard and Midgard, he became unworthy (Avengers Forever, No. 8 by Jason Aaron). After that, the former God of Thunder spent his life drinking and trying to avoid Mjilnor, but the hammer followed him.

Eventually. Thor ends up in K'un-Lun where he’s trained by the Thunderer. After mastering the punch, he becomes the God of Fists. Before he can leave, K'un-Lun he's met by Ghost Rider and Ant-Man (who’s Tony Stark in his universe). They take him to the ultimate battle to save the multiverse.

If this Thor doesn’t return, it’s a huge mistake. This was too good of a story to leave him. He still has an Earth to save with his new abilities.

Grade: B