Comic books: Grading alternate reality Marvel and DC characters

Not all alternate reality characters are created equal. Here are the best and worst alternate Earth heroes and villains from both DC and Marvel graded.

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1. The Ultimates (Earth-1610)

And here we have the worst Avengers team. Except for The Wasp and Hawkeye, everyone on this team was a deplorable person, a creep, or a terrible hero. The entire Ultimates series seemed like the creators trying too hard. They wanted the Ultimates to be “not” The Avengers. They succeeded.

Steve Rogers was a great fighter for sure, but that’s where it stops. He was an awful leader and a worse friend and partner. Iron Man is cowardly, Hank Pym is deplorable, and Quicksilver and Wanda’s relationship is gross. Thor just never seemed to get it together. It was like they almost had it, then took steps back.

What’s worse is the series was written by top-tier writers. When the Ultimates started, it was fantastic. Years later, it doesn't hold up. That takes away from it being a classic It isn’t the language or change in times. It just isn't a good re-read. For example, the overly sexually stimulated, cannibal. Great for shock value, but that's about it.

Jonathan Hickman has recreated the Ultimate Universe. He restarted the Ultimates with Tony, Steve Rogers, Thor, Sif, and someone resembling Dr. Doom. They're charged with bringing justice to the world the Maker built. With Hickman’s track record of groundbreaking stories, the Ultimates should become a better team and still not be The Avengers.

Grade: D

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