DC Comics: There's Kaiju mayhem in Justice League vs Godzilla vs Kong

The heroes of DC Comics battle the Legion of Doom and their monsters, but the League has giant machines to fight back. Plus, two heroes rejoin the fight.


DC Comics’ Elseworld has been elite. DC vs Vampires, DCeased, and Knights of Steel are three recent titles that were hit comic books. The trend continued with Justice League vs Godzilla vs Kong. Putting the Justice League against two iconic Kaijus seemed silly and it is. Nevertheless, writer Brian Buccellato made this more than a mini-series of punching and destruction. He added heart and loss.

In the second issue of Justice League vs Godzilla vs Kong, while protecting Billy Batson, Superman was taken out by Godzilla. If that wasn’t bad enough, the fight began while he was proposing to Lois Lane. Without Kal-El, the Legion of Doom continued their plan to use the other Kaijus from Monster Island to defeat the Justice League.

Despite not having Superman, Lex Luthor creating his own Mechagodzilla, and the villains having control of the other monsters, the Justice League wasn’t out of the fight. They attacked with giants of their own.

First, Batman shows up with what can only described as MechaBatman. Green Lanterns Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz, and John Stewart formed Green Lantern Robo. Cyborg even added upgrades to the Batwing. And just when things looked bleak, Grodd lost control of Kong and Supergirl. Things were looking up until the League of Assassins appeared with skullcrawlers.

The heroes of this story still had more cards to play. The last page of the issue shows two powerhouses ready to enter the fight. Superman is awake and goes to Godzilla (he was captured in the previous issue outside of Atlantis). Kal-El says they have unfinished business. However, they aren’t going to fight. This is the moment where the two enemies team up for good.

The return of Superman and Godzilla is enough to turn the tide, but that’s not all. Kong is getting a Green Lantern Ring (it's probably Guy Gardner's ring). It’ll be interesting to see what Kong’s creations are. We can guess it will be an axe and hope he isn't flinging Green Lantern poop.

Between the three of them and the Justice League, this fight will likey end quickly.

Stay tuned to Bam Smack Pow to see how this fight ends.

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