DC Comics: Superman gets an unlikely ally to fight Bizarro

Superman calls on a popular  DC Comics supervillain to help stop a world full of Bizarro heroes, villains, and civilians.

Superman Inspires | Superman Anniversary | DC
Superman Inspires | Superman Anniversary | DC / DC

Last year, DC Comics announced that Jason Aaron would be taking over Action Comics. Within the report, it was revealed that Bizarro would be one of the villains Superman would battle. The Man of Steel has fought him multiple times. It’s usually a battle of wits that leads to Superman’s victory. Jason Aaron doesn’t do normal stories. He takes characters and challenges them beyond what they’re used to (read his runs of Thor, Wolverine, and Doctor Strange for proof). He’s already done the same for Bizarro.

In Jason Aaron's debut issue of Action Comics, Bizarro’s enhanced with magic. It’s clear he’s more powerful when Bizarro swats Superman from Earth to Venus. While Superman is in space, Bizarro begins casting a spell on Earth. After the fight, it seems like Kal-El beat Bizarro. Like most Jason Aaron titles, things aren’t always what they seem. Bizarro’s spell worked. Everyone in Metropolis is a Bizarro. In the next issue, Superman is the last person on Earth not affected by Bizarro.

Without the Justice League's or his Super-Family's help, Kal-El takes a trip to Gotham City. The artist (John Timms) makes it look like Supes will go to Batman. However, Batman is a Bizarro as well. This leaves the Man of Steel to think outside of the box. In a world where everyone is crazy, the Joker is the one person who can make it sane again.

Partnering the Joker and Superman is a very Jason Aaron thing. He’s used to taking characters and turning them on their heads. There have been multiple versions of evil Superman and a few where Joker has been a hero. Nevertheless, it's now part of regular continuity. Years from now, Joker will be antagonizing Batman. Joker will remind the Dark Knight that he helped his best friend when he couldn't. A moment that Batman will never live down. 

Stay tuned to Bam Smack Pow to find out if this is another hit or a rare miss.

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