DC Comics: The Joker’s origin gets another connection to Batman

The Joker gets a new and interesting origin in the latest DC Comics Batman series
Batman: Failsafe | Interview with Chip Zdarsky and Jorge Jimenez | DC
Batman: Failsafe | Interview with Chip Zdarsky and Jorge Jimenez | DC / DC

Joker’s origin used to be a mystery. The mystique added to his allure. As time went on, DC Comics gave readers insight into his life before the green hair and white skin. For example, the reveal that there were three Jokers (Darkseid War and then in Batman: Three Jokers) was fun. It started to make sense why Joker acted differently depending on the situation.

Before either of those stories, there was Batman: The Killing Joke. This mini-series showed Joker as a struggling comedian and family man. His unfortunate run-in with Batman turned him into the villain we know. In Chip Zdarsky’s current Batman (Batman: The Joker Year One) run, contributing more to The Killing Joke origin. He's also adding a new final fight between the Gotham City menace and the Dark Knight.

In this series, the Joker is fresh out of A.C.E. chemicals. He still has a rational voice in his head telling him to be calm, but his body isn't listening. He’s saying and doing the opposite. He's starting fights, laughing at everything, and he doesn’t feel pain. Everything appears to be haphazard. Then, he sees Batman flying through the air and becomes allured.

Joker chases but doesn’t catch him. After that, he looks at his reflection in the mirror and strangles it. As soon as he's done, a mysterious man says that he (the Joker) can become the greatest force the world has ever known. When Joker asks the man what makes him qualified for that, his response is shocking. He says he’s the smartest man in the world and he trained Batman.

A new ending

Throughout this issue, readers are getting glimpses into the future. In the first couple of pages, Joker is dead and Batman is doing the autopsy. Later, but earlier in time, Joker has escaped from Arkham. Commissioner Barbara Gordon found a way to keep him permanently locked up. Unfortunately, people don't know when to leave well enough alone.

An Arkham doctor wanted to study the Joker. He takes the Clown Prince of Crime out of his mental trance and he escapes. This leads to Joker using Duke Thomas' powers to turn Gotham into eternal night. If that’s not bad enough, Joker releases an audible virus that’s turned everyone into versions of himself.

Stay tuned to Bam Smack Pow to find out more on Joker’s origin and how his final fight with Batman ends.

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