DC: Superman prepares to fight an army of Braniacs

DC Comics' Superman crossover "House of Brainiac" begins with Brainiac and an army of Lobo-like beings attacking Metropolis and capturing Superman's Family.
Superman Inspires | Superman Anniversary | DC
Superman Inspires | Superman Anniversary | DC / DC

Since the Dawn of DC began, Superman has fought his worst enemies. Metallo, Parasite, and Cyborg Superman were only a few villains he's battled. It seemed odd that they came out of nowhere one after another. Action Comics No. 1064 explains why this has happened. Of course, it's because of Lex Luthor, but not why you think.

After Superman started working for LexCorp (now SuperCorp), an artificial intelligence helper named LL-01 was created to help the Man of Steel. When Brainiac's army of machines and Czarnians show up, LL-01 appears. Luthor asks who that is, Mercy Graves says it’s the A.I. he set up. Luthor says he did "no such thing." That’s when Brainiac reveals he was LL-01 all along.

Brainiac lets Luthor know he’s aware that Lex looked inside his mind and, despite not knowing what it meant, Brainiac knew it scared him. This forced Lex to prepare Superman for whatever Brainiac was planning. That’s why Luthor gave Superman his company and triggered his old enemies (Dr. Pharm and Mr. Graft). They were intense and hard-fought battles, but they couldn’t prepare him for an invasion of Czarnians with Brainiac’s tech.

Brainiac said that since knowledge is power, then power is knowledge. Because of Superman, there’s no more powerful place in the universe than Metropolis. With that in mind, Brainiac captures every superpowered being in Metropolis. That includes the entire Superman Family and their enemies. It doesn’t end there. The last page shows various Brainiacs from alternate realities working with Prime Earth’s variant.

Lois Lane tells Superman their entire family was captured and asks what's next. With his eyes glowing red, the Man of Steel had one thing to say, "Lobo."

You can follow the Superman event House of Brainiac in Action Comics (written by Joshua Williamson) Green Lantern (Jeremy Adams), Superman (Joshua Williamson), Power Girl (Leah Williams), and Superman: House of Brainiac Special. You’ll also get appearances from Lobo, Crush (Lobo’s daughter), the entire Superman family, and more throughout the crossover!

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