Deadpool No. 1 starts off with fighting, giant dogs, loss, and a new villain

Issue one of Marvel Comics' Deadpool reminds readers that whenever Wade Wilson is happy, doom is around the corner.

Deadpool #1 | Official Launch Trailer | Marvel Comics
Deadpool #1 | Official Launch Trailer | Marvel Comics / Marvel Entertainment

The last time fans saw Wade Wilson (Deadpool) in Marvel Comics, he was living his best life (read Deadpool by Alyssa Wong for that story). He had a partner he was in love with (Valentine Vuong) and a giant symbiote dog named Princess. Together, they built a home and even had Lady Deathstrike go on missions with them and help take care of Princess. Unfortunately, if you're familiar with Deadpool’s lore, you know his happiness doesn’t last.

Issue one of Cody Ziglar’s Deadpool begins with sadness. Wade explains that he and Valentine have broken up. That left shared custody of Princess between the two of them. The separation was hurting Wade. Not just because he wasn’t with his partner, but because he saw what it was doing to Princess. She was hurt by the separation as well.

Princess kept asking when they’d have a home and family again. You could tell by Wade’s jokes and reaction that being asked this was tearing him apart. The only way he knew how to deal with this was to bury himself in mercenary work.

Just as Deadpool got to his target, they were killed by a mysterious villain with mystical might. He makes short work of Deadpool and turns his back on him. Wade makes him regret that mistake by stabbing him in the back. The killer is shocked. He says no one should be able to sneak up on him. He takes note of Deadpool’s name and says they can create something beautiful together (most likely violence) as he teleports away.

The last page of the story shows our mystery man getting healed by his followers. When his followers ask if he wants his wounds attended, he declines and says, “We let our scars speak for themselves for they have been earned.” He goes on to say that it’s time to celebrate because he’s finally found someone unencumbered by death and no one escapes Death’s Grip (we can assume that’s this villain's name.

What next for Deadpool in this new run? How and why did Wade and Valentine break-up? Stay tuned to Bam Smack Pow to find out.

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