Does Madame Web connect to the MCU?

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Madame Web has finally hit theaters nationwide and we’re still hearing more rumors and news about this latest entry from the Sony Spider-Man Universe.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Madame Web herself Dakota Johnson and the film’s director S.J. Clarkson tease their upcoming psychological Sony-Marvel movie. Sony has been hard at work making their own little Marvel universe using characters and villains from Spider-Man’s gallery. Their latest feature is showcasing an all-female-led team with 2024’s Madame Web.

Madame Web in Marvel Comics, is often depicted as an elderly blind woman with psychic abilities, who serves as a mentor and guide to various superheroes, particularly Spider-Man. Different individuals have taken on the Madame Web persona over the years in the comics of course. In this live-action adaptation, Dakota Johnson will be playing Cassandra “Cassie” Webb and is clearly a much younger take on the character as such this would be more of an origin story for the character of Cassie.

How does Madame Webb connect to the bigger scheme of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Well according to director SJ Clarkson, Madame Web is its own world and universe. The film is set in 2003 and will showcase Cassie along with other characters roaming free in their own timeline and storyline. Clarkson was happy to have creative freedom and no stress about connecting Madame Web with other stories per se.

“She’s definitely in a standalone world,” Clarkson revealed. “I was able to just have free rein and let the movie be what it needed to be, as opposed to trying to force it into something else. That was a gift, in a way, to be able to take something and bring a fresh and I hope original take to it.”

Madame Web is now in theaters.