Dreamcasting a Power Rangers reboot

Should the time come to reboot the Power Rangers franchise, we have some ideas about who should take on the key roles.

Saban's Power Rangers At San Diego Comic-Con 2017
Saban's Power Rangers At San Diego Comic-Con 2017 / Araya Doheny/GettyImages
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This might sound crazy, but the smartest way to bring the Power Rangers back is a soft reboot. Remember the 2017 flick? Yeah, that one — it set the bar high with its amazing cast. Yeah, it had its issues, but deserved it better — it deserved a sequel. Now it's time to crank it up a notch with new faces and a whole new narrative while keeping the spirit alive.

Angel Grove remains our beloved small-town backdrop, sea breeze and all. Our Rangers are still chilling in the school cafeteria and – you guessed it – Krispy Kreme. And while the city's gold mine might glitter, danger lurks closer than ever.

With Goldar out of the picture, you'd think our heroes could catch a break, right? Wrong. Enter the guidance counselor from your nightmares, courtesy of Rita Repulsa. For those old enough to remember, think of Scoprina with a twist. She's on the prowl, not just for gossip, but to corrupt the purest heart among our teenage warriors.

Enter Tommy Oliver, the new kid on the block. After a seemingly innocent date with Kimberly, he's snatched by Scorpina and the Putties, falling prey to Rita's latest spell. Suddenly, Angel Grove's shining new Green Ranger isn't all he seems, turning the town against its protectors and weaving a web of chaos and distrust.

But this isn't just a tale of good versus evil. This Power Rangers movie is a saga of inner battles, blurred lines, and the true meaning of power. We'll have the same names, Jason, Zack, Kimberly, Billy, and Trini as they navigate a minefield of public opinion, personal demons, and a darkness that threatens to tear apart the very fabric of their team.

Unlike the film before, we will see the team in action more often with the team participating in an MMA tournament where Tommy will make their lives a living hell. They'll take on Putties individually giving us the action we missed out on with the initial film.

Who will step into the shoes of our beloved Rangers, and how will they face the darkness brewing in Angel Grove? Stay tuned as this writer unveils the fresh faces set to don those iconic suits and bring this latest saga to life. It's morphin' time (couldn't help it). Don't expect to see Rita recast here, Elizabeth Banks should not only reprise the role but direct it as well. Rita's new mission, kill the Rangers and take the Power Coins. With a cosmic threat breathing down her neck, Rita enlists some help to take down her old nemesis and pesky teenagers.

Keith David
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Keith David as Zordon

In the ever-evolving landscape of the Power Rangers universe, Bryan Cranston isn't a likely candidate to reprise his role. If he does step down from his celestial pedestal, Keith David is the perfect actor. The Hollywood vet's voice has captivated audiences from the animated realms of Gargoyles to the mystical bayous of The Princess and the Frog. David's extensive career, highlighted by memorable roles in Riddick and Horizon Line, showcases his versatility and commanding presence, making him a prime candidate to assume the mantle of the Rangers' mentor.

Keith David's voice, rich with gravitas and authority, could bring a fresh but familiar feel to the iconic role of Zordon. His ability to convey deep wisdom and strength through his vocal performances, combined with his on-screen charisma makes him too perfect to pass up. Fans of the franchise would undoubtedly appreciate the continuity of having another distinguished actor guide the Power Rangers, ensuring the legacy of Zordon remains in capable hands.

In this Power Rangers soft reboot, it is Keith David who would not only honor the spirit of the original series but also bring a new depth to the mentor role. His casting would be a nod to fans who have grown up with his influential characters, bridging generations in this beloved saga.