Dreamcasting a Power Rangers reboot

Should the time come to reboot the Power Rangers franchise, we have some ideas about who should take on the key roles.

Saban's Power Rangers At San Diego Comic-Con 2017
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Jamie Chung
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Jamie Chung as Scorpina/Guidance Counselor

Scorpina was a character a lot of fans probably don't know about, but she was Rita's left hand if Godlar was her right back in the 90s. For nostalgic purposes and to have a unique character, the Power Rangers reboot should bring a new twist to the iconic villainess. This version of Scorpina would be a cunning guidance counselor who will infiltrate Angel Grove High, using deception and malice as her weapon, wearing trust and authority as her mask. Yes, this is a vast departure from the original character, adding layers of psychological warfare to her arsenal.

Jamie Chung, known for her dynamic roles and captivating presence, is perfect for Scorpina's dual nature. Her ability to balance charm and menace will breathe life into this reimagined villain. Beyond mere physical combat, Chung's Scorpina will exploit her position to sow discord among the students, subtly undermining the unity of the Power Rangers and preying on their vulnerabilities.

The focus of her mission will see her kidnap and corrupt Tommy Oliver, the new student destined to become the Green Ranger. Under Scorpina's manipulative guidance, Tommy transforms from a promising student into a vessel of evil, with Chung's character constantly whispering dark intentions, steering him further from redemption.

Dallas Liu
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Dallas Liu as Zack/Black Ranger

Dallas Liu steps into the role of Zack, the Black Ranger, replacing Ludi Lin. He's a name you may know from his fiery performance as Zuko in Netflix's Avatar series. Liu's rising star is set to explode, making him the perfect fit for the charismatic athletic Zack aka the Black Ranger.

This Zack has to be a little different — a high school hero. Someone confident, charming, and an undeniable force on the field. Yet, as his story unfolds, his character gets tested with the arrival of Tommy Oliver, and the betrayal and defeat, serve as a turning point for Zack. After a humbling defeat by Tommy, Zack confronts his vulnerabilities and reevaluates his understanding of heroism.

No longer seeking the spotlight, he learns the importance of unity and teamwork, especially following a reckless act that goes against Zordon's guidance. By the end, Zack transitions from a self-centered athlete to a team-oriented leader, embodying the true spirit of a Ranger through collective strength and humility.