Dreamcasting a Power Rangers reboot

Should the time come to reboot the Power Rangers franchise, we have some ideas about who should take on the key roles.

Saban's Power Rangers At San Diego Comic-Con 2017
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Dafne Keen Fernández
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Dafne Keen as Kimberly/Pink Ranger

Naomi Scott did a solid job making Kimberly her own, but Dafne Keen is a casting choice that's got me all kinds of excited. Of course, because I picked her, but seriously, Keen is the perfect fit to breathe new life into Kimberly. Her roles in Logan showed she was a force to be reckoned with and it was all in her facial expression. Meanwhile, His Dark Materials prove she's leading lady material. At 19, she's shown her range and ability to transform from a mere high school athlete to the team's beating heart.

Imagine Kimberly not just as the Pink Ranger, but as the linchpin of the group. She's the one keeping the peace, the cool head prevailing when the heat's turned up. Keen's knack for blending grit with grace means we're about to see a Kimberly who's both a tenacious competitor and the team's moral compass.

It gets better. Keen's Kimberly is the emotional core, the one who tempers Jason's lead-with-the-fist approach. She's all about strategy, heart, and that unshakable bond that turns a group of teens into a force of nature. This version of Kimberly steps up, showing that leadership isn't just about calling the shots—it's about understanding, supporting, and rallying the troops.

With Dafne Keen in the spotlight, Kimberly's transformation will be a journey of strength, leadership, and the power of compassion, proving once again why she's the true heart of the Power Rangers.

Leo Howard
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Leo Howard as Jason/Red Ranger

For a long time, I saw Leo Howard in this role. Some may say that he is too old. So was Ludi Lin, who played Zack in the 2017 movie. Howard has this screen presence that screams leader and legit Martial Arts skills. He's destined to be a star but needs that breakout role. Playing the role of the Red Ranger could be it for him. Howard has stolen scenes on Why Women Kill and CW's Legacy — he's more than capable of replacing Dacre Montgomery.

Much like the original series, Jason Lee Scott's character is set to face not just external threats but internal conflicts, particularly with the arrival of Tommy, the new Green Ranger. Howard's portrayal will take a deep dive into Jason's struggles with leadership as he navigates the team's dynamics. Add that to the challenges brought on by Rita's manipulations and his personal conflict with Tommy. This tension between Jason and Tommy will be central to the film, testing Jason's resolve, leadership, and martial arts prowess.

As Jason begins to show signs of strain, coming dangerously close to falling under Scorpina's influence as the next Green Ranger, it's the unwavering support from Kimberly, his steadfast second-in-command, and Trini, the team's emotional compass, along with the rest of the team, that keeps him grounded. Ultimately, it's Jason's resilient leadership and friendship with Tommy that steers Tommy back to the path of righteousness, uniting the team against the looming darkness.