Dreamcasting a Power Rangers reboot

Should the time come to reboot the Power Rangers franchise, we have some ideas about who should take on the key roles.

Saban's Power Rangers At San Diego Comic-Con 2017
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Tanner Buchanan
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Tanner Buchanan as Tommy/Green Ranger

No matter who plays this role, they are going to get judged with a nostalgic eye. Tommy Oliver is an iconic role made famous, and to this day only played by the late great Jason David Frank. But, if any actor can do it, it's Tanner Buchanan. This young actor may not be known for his range, but he can play the role of a loner with an edge. Look no further than his role on Netflix's critically acclaimed series, Cobra Kai.

Picture Tommy, a bit of a loner grappling with personal demons, becomes the unwilling pawn in Rita Repulsa's latest game, morphing into the infamous Green Ranger. Buchanan's got the chops to navigate Tommy's journey from misunderstood teen to Rita's menacing minion, all while wrestling with isolation and manipulation.

The drama heats up as Tommy crosses paths with the Rangers, especially when sparks fly between him and Kimberly. These interactions are more than just puppy love. Those eyes are a window into Tommy's soul. She's a light in the darkness, a flickering reminder of his true self fighting to break free.

Buchanan would kill it as Tommy Oliver, he'd peel back the Green Ranger's armor to reveal the battle raging within. It's a story of redemption, of a young man clawing his way back from the brink, battling not just physical foes but the shadows within. This would be a deep dive into the heart of what makes a hero and the rocky path to reclaiming one's identity from the clutches of evil.

Jensen Ackles
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Jensen Ackles as Lord Zedd

What's a superhero movie without a cliche, yet effective post-credit scene? In a world craving more Power Rangers action, imagine the curtains closing, only to part again for that thrilling post-credits scene—a tradition Marvel made famous. Here's where Jensen Ackles steps in, the perfect embodiment of the menacing yet charismatic Lord Zedd. Ackles, known for his roles in Supernatural and The Boys, has the unique blend of intensity and humor ideal for reviving the iconic villain.

As the screen fades from black, we find Ackles' Zedd, brooding and powerful, perched upon his sinister throne, Z-staff in hand. His entrance is nothing short of majestic, a blend of dread and allure. In a chilling monologue, he scorns Rita Repulsa's failures with a mix of wit and menace only Ackles could deliver. He declares a new era of darkness, promising to succeed where Rita faltered in seizing the Power Coins.

Ackles' portrayal promises a Lord Zedd who is not only a formidable antagonist but also injects a deliciously campy vein to the role, perfect for fans longing for depth mixed with nostalgic charm. The scene sets a tantalizing stage for future conflicts, positioning Ackles as a central figure destined to bring a fresh and thrilling dimension to the Power Rangers saga.

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