Every Batman ranked from weakest to strongest

We've seen many live-action versions of Batman, but which one is the strongest of all?

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7. George Clooney Batman

George Clooney's Batman has, much like Batman and Robin itself, gone down in infamy as one of the worst adaptations of The Dark Knight to ever make it onto screen. It's not so much the actor's fault (he was a decent Bruce Wayne) as it is the terrible script, but Clooney's Batman was too charismatic and corny to ever be taken seriously.

He's also some notable weaknesses, specifically the fact that he fell under the charm of Posion Ivy and allowed himself to be manipulated by her. He's also arrogant and overbearing, which in his defense are traits that Batman himself is known for.

While we're on the subject of defending him, Clooney's Caped Crusader did remarkably well in battle against Bane and Mr. Freeze, and had some pretty decent fight scenes, showing that he could hold his own in battle. The body armor he wore, while infamous, protected him a great deal, too. And as the Schumacher Batman movies were essentially big-budget '90s versions of the '60s TV series, this Dark Knight had solution - or a gadget - for every situation, making him pretty hard to defeat.

Far from the best Batman because of how un-Batman like he was, but Clooney's hero had his moments, making him an impossible foe for any Gotham City villain.