Every Batman ranked from weakest to strongest

We've seen many live-action versions of Batman, but which one is the strongest of all?

On the Set of "Batman"
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On the set of Batman Forever
On the set of Batman Forever / Sunset Boulevard/GettyImages

6. Val Kilmer's Batman

Joel Schumacher's first attempt at the Batman character was much more successful than its predecessor. Sure, Batman Forever wasn't exactly the roaring success it could have been but there was potential, and perhaps the aspect of it with the most potential was Val Kilmer's Batman.

Kilmer's Caped Crusader feels a bit like a live-action adaptation of the one seen in Batman: The Animated Series. He is a veteran of crime-fighting, well-established and respected in a city overflowing with colorful criminals. He carried himself like that too, theatrically showing up to crime scenes like a pro and producing some pretty impressive fight choreography (seriously Batman Forever has some great fight scenes). Whether he is battling Two-Face's goons or throwing himself off a ledge to save Robin and Chase Meridian, this Batman is resilient.

He is also well-protected, with his Greek God-like body armor being so durable that it can withstand huge fiery blasts. He also has an extensive array of weaponry and gadgets at his disposal too, all of which he isn't afraid to pull out during the movie.

Granted, Bruce does find himself at the mercy of The Riddler and Two-Face in an attack he wasn't prepared for, and his struggles with the daulity of his lives as Bruce Wayne and Batman also weaken him a bit. He's not as emotionally strong as some of the other Batmen on this list, but he was going through a lot at this particular time in his life, and the fact that he allowed it to side-track him made his eventual comeback all the more worthwhile.