Every DC Comics movie ever, ranked from worst to best

From Batman to Superman and everything in between, which DC movies stand out as the very best?
On the Set of "Batman"
On the Set of "Batman" / Sunset Boulevard/GettyImages
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20. Man of Steel

The DC Extended Universe officially launched with Man of Steel in 2013 (though we wouldn't know that until the year after its release). Henry Cavill donned the red cape in what would be the first of multiple appearances for him as Superman in a movie that was envisioned as a modern-day reimagining of the character.

The movie was the epic blockbuster that it promised to be, helped a great deal by Zack Snyder's larger-than-life filmmaking techniques. It was a visual thrill-ride that introduced us to a more grounded and serious version of the title character and allowed Henry Cavill the chance to set himself apart from his predecessors. Cavill succeeded in doing so, but the movie wasn't without its flaws, primarily its overall grim tone and the CGI-heavy final battle - two things that would set an unfortunate precedent for the DCEU going forward.

The scene in which Kal-El takes his first flight in the movie is nothing short of stunning, and if the rest of the movie had offered moments like this one, it would have been a lot higher on this list. That said, it did what it needed to do in relaunching Superman on the silver screen.