Every DC Comics movie ever, ranked from worst to best

From Batman to Superman and everything in between, which DC movies stand out as the very best?

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Justice League
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39. Justice League

Oh dear, how did we end up here? A movie that should have been the crowning achievement for the DC Extended Universe ended up becoming its biggest misfire. The film was initially directed by Zack Snyder but when he had to step away due to a family tragedy, Joss Whedon took over directing duties and made a very different movie.

Justice League is a lacklustre, heartless, by-the-numbers movie that robotically makes its way from one end of its story to the other, showcasing some of the very worst CGI cinema has ever seen. It is devoid of the emotional weight that it should possess and a truly sad way to unite the most iconic DC heroes in the world for the first time in live action. Thankfully, Zack Snyder got to release his superior cut of the movie just over three years later, but that will never change the fact that this huge disappointment was the one that made it to theaters.

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38. Superman IV: The Quest For Peace

The fact that a Superman movie that is actively part of the same franchise as this one is in the Top 10 of this list just highlights how far from grace the saga had fallen by the time this rolled around. Superman IV: The Quest For Peace is regarded as one of the worst movies of all time, which says more about it than my words ever could.

But we can't just leave it at that, so let's dive into what went wrong. The special effects is the most obvious offender here, because they were not good. It's not a case of visual effects that haven't aged well by today's standards, no they were bad for 1986 too. But that's just one example of the shortcomings imposed on the movie by its slashes budget. It also just wasn't very good, with a poor script and not-so-great execution that just let the whole thing down. It was a poor end to such a legendary franchise.

37. Jonah Hex

If your knowledge of a live-action Jonah Hex extends to Johnathan Schaech's portrayal in DC's Legends of Tomorrow, then I recommend you keep it that way. For the only other live-action project to feature the character came in the form of a 2010 movie starring Josh Brolin and it was, um, not good. That's not a knock on Brolin, who did a fine job with what he was given, but he wasn't given a lot.

Jonah Hex's biggest issue might be its lack of loyalty to the source material. Nowhere in the pages of DC Comics does it state that the horse-riding gunslinger has superpowers. But hey, that would have been forgivable if the product produced was actually good. It has its moments, sure, but all in all, it's one big missed opportunity to turn its underrated title character into a household name. Oh, what could have been.