Every DC Comics movie ever, ranked from worst to best

From Batman to Superman and everything in between, which DC movies stand out as the very best?

On the Set of "Batman"
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The Batman, DC
(L-r) JEFFREY WRIGHT as Lt. James Gordon and ROBERT PATTINSON as Batman in Warner Bros. Pictures’ action adventure “THE BATMAN,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. Photo: Jonathan Olley/™ & © DC Comics. © 2021 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

7. The Batman

There's a running joke among comic book fans that DC and Warner Bros. just can't let go of Batman, and there is some truth it in. But when they produce movies like The Batman, it's easy to see why they keep going back to him.

The 2022 film relaunched The Dark Knight's solo movies after he got completely lost in the ups and downs of the DCEU. It was a wise move, because Batman's best adventures are often solo and grounded, and this one was both of those things. The Matt Reeves movie was set in its own standalone universe, free from the constrictions of a shared continuity, and it took us back to Bruce Wayne's early days as a crimefighter, showcasing his struggles with the dual identity and his strengths as a detective.

The Batman was also a visual masterpiece, with Reeves' gripping vision clear through every shot in the movie, be it vivid cityscapes or invasive shots of Bruce Wayne's eyes. It captured the grim and corrupt world of Gotham City to perfection, while the decision to ground things with a detective story not only highlighted the partnership between Batman and Jim Gordon, it was a welcome alternative to the typically ambitious productions of the modern day superhero fare.