Every DC Comics movie ever, ranked from worst to best

From Batman to Superman and everything in between, which DC movies stand out as the very best?

On the Set of "Batman"
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Superman: The Movie
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5. Superman: The Movie

The magic of the movies is that they can make us believe in anything, including the notion that a man can fly. There is no greater example of that than Superman. Released in 1978, it is one of the two DC films credited as "the first modern superhero movie" and it's easy to see why, as the themes, storylines, and presentation of it all continues to resonate in the genre's outings today.

Directed by Richard Donner, Superman: The Movie retold Kal-El of Krypton's origin story for a modern audience at the time. It was a much more ambitious version of the story than the previous live-action adaptations of the character, and that's part of what made it so enthralling. Its special effects were the very best at the time, while Christopher Reeve's outstanding performance as the Man of Steel was so good, it set an impossibly high standard for anyone who would ever don the cape (or put on Clark Kent's glasses) after him.

Superman is endearing, it's nostalgic, and it's appropriately larger than life. It's the ultimate Superman movie, full of heart and triumph, and it's one that we'll be forever grateful for. From Reeve's subtle, game-changing performance to John Williams' iconic score, it's a marvel of a movie that continues to stand the test of time.