Every DC Comics movie ever, ranked from worst to best

From Batman to Superman and everything in between, which DC movies stand out as the very best?
On the Set of "Batman"
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36. Steel

1997 was an interesting year for superhero movies. There was the infamous Batman and Robin, the not-so-good Spawn movie, and then there was this: Steel, a long-forgotten DC movie that starred Shaquille O'Neal (yes, Shaquille O'Neal) as the man in a steel suit.

If you're looking for a nuanced adaptation of John Henry Irons, watch Superman and Lois. However, if you're looking for senseless and silly '90s fun that feels more like an extended episode of a TV show, then Steel is for you. None of it is good in the original sense of the word, but as far as "so bad, it's good" goes, it's great.

35. Green Lantern

Oh Green Lantern. A movie that was originally planned as a new beginning for DC movies, it became a definitive ending (for that era at least). The film starred Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, and the actor did a solid job in the role, as did Blake Lively as love interest Carol Ferris, but the movie just didn't offer up anything beyond their chemistry. Angela Bassett was, as always, a force on-screen, but the script just wasted her as Amanda Waller - a sentence that shouldn't even be possible.

The effects are good without being spectacular, and the story there without ever being capable of reeling you in. There are moments of good in there, but they are far and few between, so the film is rarely elevated to a different level throughout its 114 minute-runtime. It's not a disaster by any means, but that might have made it a bit more interesting to watch.

A rewatch of Green Lantern might show you that it's better than you remember it, but it won't give you much else.