Every DC Comics movie ever, ranked from worst to best

From Batman to Superman and everything in between, which DC movies stand out as the very best?
On the Set of "Batman"
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32. Suicide Squad

Back when the DCEU was finding its footing, there was a lot of excitement for Suicide Squad. The group of villains-turned-unlikely-heroes had become fan-favorites in the decade prior to the movie's release and the notion of seeing them on the big screen was thrilling - especially because it would mark the live-action debut of Harley Quinn. Unfortunately, it just couldn't match expectations.

Looking back on Suicide Squad, the potential for a great movie was there (a running theme with the DCEU) as its trailers were very well-received, but it just didn't come together for it. The supernatural plot was far too outlandish for a group of grounded misfits while the shared universe's original interpretation of The Joker was just not good.

In fairness to Suicide Squad, it is quite rewatchable, and even though it failed to meet virtually all expectations, it's not as bad as its reputation might lead you think it is. It's also better than the theatrical version of Justice League (which isn't hard to do, but still).

31. The Return of Swamp Thing

1989 is one of the most important years in comic book history as it gave us Tim Burton's Batman. That's common knowledge now, but what isn't as well known is the fact that another DC character headlined a movie that year, too. The Return of Swamp Thing was released shortly before Batman and even though it never really made a mark on the genre, it has become a cult classic among fans.

The sequel to 1982's Swamp Thing, the film is known for taking a campier approach to the source material. Very little continuity from the original remains outside of Dick Durock and Louis Jourdan, who both reprise their respective roles as the title creature and Anton Arcane. So yeah, it didn't win a lot of point from fans of the character. That being said, it did win some for its much better Swamp Thing costume, which was ultimately used for the subsequent TV series (albeit with some modifications).