Every Marvel TV show ever, ranked from worst to best

From Daredevil to the Disney Plus shows, Marvel has dominated TV over the years but which of its shows stand out the best?
Marvel's Daredevil. Image courtesy Netflix
Marvel's Daredevil. Image courtesy Netflix /
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Iman Vellani as Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan in Marvel Studios' MS. MARVEL, exclusively on Disney+. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2022. All Rights Reserved. /

11. Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel was once the show that felt like it was never going to arrive (as it kept getting moved around the Disney Plus release calendar) but it ultimately proved to be worth the wait, introducing fans to one of the MCU's most exciting new superheroes: Kamala Khan.

The character is a major one as she became Marvel Comics' first Muslim superhero, so headlining her own series is a huge deal, especially for newcomer Iman Vellani who brought her to life. And that's a pretty appropriate way of putting it, because Vellani brought her to life, delivering an electric, contagious leading performance that just drew you into Kamala's world and made you want to stay a while.

Ms. Marvel benefits from its light-hearted tone. This outlandish storyline involving superheroes and ancient bangles is happening through Kamala's eyes, so it's only fitting that we see what she sees. She wants to be a superhero like her hero Carol Danvers, so actually becoming one is out-of-this-world for her, and the show does a wonderful job of capturing that.

While its villains weren't the greatest, Ms. Marvel successfully introduced us to its title hero in a way that made us want to see more of her, all while appreciating the history it told us and the characters we met along the way. It's also one of the few MCU shows that could believably get a second season. So... get on that Marvel!