Every Marvel TV show ever, ranked from worst to best

From Daredevil to the Disney Plus shows, Marvel has dominated TV over the years but which of its shows stand out the best?

Marvel's Daredevil. Image courtesy Netflix
Marvel's Daredevil. Image courtesy Netflix /
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8. Moon Knight

To call Moon Knight a surprise would be to undersell just how good it is.

The Marvel Studios series premiered on Disney Plus in early 2022, coming after the first batch of MCU shows, and it sold itself incredibly well right out of the gate. It all had to do with Oscar Isaac's captivating performance as he played Marc Spector, a man struggling with dissociative identity disorder, battling a second personality and an ancient moon god all within his body at the same time.

The show was different from anything else Marvel Studios had produced at the time and that's exactly why it worked. It wasn't tied to any of the other titles in the MCU - in fact, it operated as though they don't exist - and that gave it more freedom to do its own thing. And when that involves introducing a whole new mythology involving different gods, warriors, and lore, that's probably for the best.

From the visual grandeur to getting to know Marc Spector, Steven Grant, and Khonshu, Moon Knight proved to be an unforgettable experience that left audiences thrilled in the best kind of way. The fight choreography was great too, as was the larger-than-life portrayal of Moon Knight himself; making for a triumphant live-action debut for the one Marvel character MCU fans were ready for.

It's time for that second season now, Marvel.