Exclusive: Alan Tudyk, showrunner Chris Sheridan, and cast of Resident Alien talk about season 3

With the cast and crew's exciting teasers, Resident Alien season 3 is shaping up to be a galactic event not to be missed.

RESIDENT ALIEN -- "Girls' Night" Episode 203 -- Pictured in this screengrab: Alan Tudyk as Harry Vanderspeigle -- (Photo by: SYFY)
RESIDENT ALIEN -- "Girls' Night" Episode 203 -- Pictured in this screengrab: Alan Tudyk as Harry Vanderspeigle -- (Photo by: SYFY) /
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Levi Fiehler and Meredith Garretson talk about Ben and Kate Hawthorne

The most noticeable thing was how Meredith Garretson, who plays the ever-charming Kate, is practically bursting with joy over this upcoming season. She shares, "I have love and I have deep love for all of the episodes of Resident Alien," but then drops a bombshell that season 3 is her "favorite season." Garretson, with stars in her eyes, talks about how this season is packed with so much laughter and heartbreak that it catapulted her excitement "from here to here." She's lived the magic behind the scenes, and her enthusiasm is infectious. Garretson spills on how watching the season brought back so many memories, making her laugh and cry in equal measure.

Seems like season 3 will be a rollercoaster of emotions, and Garretson is here for the ride, securing her seat at the front.

Levi Fiehler, our beloved Mayor Ben Hawthorne, is just as enchanted. He echoes Garretson's sentiment, calling season 3 his "favorite so far as well." His excitement bubbles over as he talks about the season's flow, the laugh-out-loud moments, and the amazing guest stars that add spice to the already zesty mix.

And let's not breeze past the juicy tidbits they shared about the plot. Garretson touches on the ensemble magic, where every character shines brighter than a supernova, prepping season 3 to be a collective triumph. The plot thickens, the laughter grows louder, and the heartstrings are tugged with the precision of a harpist in a moonlit concert. Meanwhile, Fiehler hints at the delicious complexity of the storyline, forgetting the plot only to be sucked back into the vortex of Resident Alien's charm. It's clear these two are not just cast members - they're fans, cheerleaders, and perhaps the most eager viewers of season 3.

And, let's not forget, incredibly talented with a strong chemistry on-screen.