EXCLUSIVE: Tiffany D. Jackson talks about her badass new origin story for Storm

STORM: Dawn of a Goddess hits the shelves today, June 4th. Trust me, you won’t want to miss this epic origin story.
Storm: Dawn of a Goddess ©2024 Random House Children’s Books
Storm: Dawn of a Goddess ©2024 Random House Children’s Books /

Thanks to the incredible and nostalgic series X-Men '97, X-Men are all the rage at the moment.

One particular X-Men that's been on my mind ever since watching the show is Storm - the Omega-level mutant who's an actual Goddess and can control the weather with an eyebrow raise if she so desires. So, you can only imagine that when I got the chance to speak to New York Times Best Seller author Tifanny D. Jackson over her brand-new book, STORM: Dawn of a Goddess, I said yes as fast as humanly possible (Alas, I am not a mutant).

During our little virtual chat, we dove deep into her thrilling new book, and let me tell you - as I got the chance to read the first chapter prior to our chat, I could tell that this book would be a wild, fantastic ride. You can watch our entire interview below:

We kicked things off with some gushing over the first chapter - because, wow, what a start! Tiffany’s diving into the fantasy genre for the first time, and she's absolutely nailed it. “It’s nerve-wracking, but I had so much fun,” she shared. Can you imagine? Jumping into a whole new world with superpowers and epic adventures and nailing it this hard?

Tiffany’s lifelong love for Storm shines through every page. She’s been a self-proclaimed fan since childhood, eagerly watching the X-Men series and flipping through comic books. When the opportunity arose to write Storm’s origin story, she was all in. Digging through Marvel archives, watching YouTube and TikTok videos, and soaking up fan theories, she crafted a journey that’s both fresh and faithful to the character we all adore. Storm’s struggle with her powers and quest to find her true family is deeply touching. Tiffany expertly balances Aurora’s vulnerability and strength, making her a compelling and relatable character. “Emotions are universal,” Tiffany said. “Even mutants have their moments.” And those moments, shaped by family and destiny, are what make Storm’s journey so gripping.

The most fascinating thing to me was the fact Tiffany didn’t just Google her way through the settings - she’s a method author. She traveled to Egypt, tracing Storm’s steps from Cairo to Kenya. From tourist spots to gritty local haunts, she immersed herself in the cultures and landscapes that would bring Storm’s world to vivid life. “It was amazing,” she said, recalling her conversations with Maasai warriors and her time on Kenyan beaches. Can we all agree that’s next-level dedication?

Enter the Shadow King, Storm’s biggest adversary. Tiffany dove deep into his twisted desire to possess Storm’s powers, making him a formidable foe. The Shadow King is a character that mutates and evolves, much like his hatred for Storm. Tiffany’s meticulous research and storytelling prowess turn him into a villain we love to hate. When asked if she’d write about any other X-Men, Tiffany had a quick answer: Rogue. “Maybe it’s just her hair,” she laughed. “And that accent! They were so tight in the cartoon.” But for now, Storm is her girl - a powerful, flying superhero who’s been her dream character to write.

Before we wrapped up, Tiffany shared a fun tidbit: most tour guides in Cairo didn’t know Storm was from there. “She was a sister!” they exclaimed. Bringing that fact to life was a highlight for her.

STORM: Dawn of a Goddess hits the shelves today, June 4th. I have since finished this incredible piece of art, and trust me, you won’t want to miss this epic origin story.

Thank you, Tiffany, for the delightful chat and for bringing Storm’s journey to life in such a magical way.

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