Funko is finally making Doom Patrol Pop! figures based on beloved DC series

Just when we thought there was no chance of getting Doom Patrol Funko Pop! figures, a series of figures inspired by the show have been announced!

Doom Patrol season 4. Image courtesy HBO Max
Doom Patrol season 4. Image courtesy HBO Max /

Well, it’s finally happening! Months after Doom Patrol wrapped its four-season run, it seems fans are going to get the chance to show off their love for the underrated series via a line of new Funko Pop! Figures coming soon! 

As Funko insiders spotted on April 2, fans can now pre-order what we’re hoping will be the first of more Doom Patrol-inspired Pop! figures via Amazon! At the moment, there appear to only be three figures in the collection with Funko Pop! versions of Robotman, Negative Man, and Mr. Nobody. Get a sneak peek at the new figures below which you can pre-order on Amazon now:

While I don’t know if I’ll be racing to buy Mr. Nobody – who am I kidding, I totally will – I’m obsessed with the Pop! versions of Cliff and Larry, two characters I have long hoped would one day be turned into Funko figures! The detail on the figures is so spot on and perfectly captures the likeness of the two iconic characters from the series making them must-haves for fans. 

What is interesting is that the back of the boxes for the figures do not tease any additional figures beyond those three characters which seems like a very poor and unfortunate choice. We understand that Funko likely couldn’t do figures of every character from the show, but to not include Pop! figures for Jane, Rita, Cyborg, and Niles seems like a strange choice to make – especially considering Funko chose to make a Mr. Nobody figure. 

Sure Mr. Nobody was a key character in the show, but compared to the others, his role was quite small and I personally would much rather have had a figure for the show’s other key characters.

Of course, there is always a chance we could see a Jane, Rita, Cyborg, or Niles figure released as an exclusive or that Funko might expand upon the line if it sells well. However, it’s still quite puzzling that these core characters weren’t included in the initial product line.

As much as I just complained, something is better than nothing and I will happily be adding the three Doom Patrol figures that have been announced to my collection when the figures finally begin hitting shelves! Amazon currently lists them as having a release date of July 2024, so it sounds like the Doom Patrol Funko Pop! figures will be a perfect Christmas in July gift to oneself or the DC fan in your life!

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