Gen V season 2 is in development: Everything we know so far about The Boys spinoff's return

Another season of Gen V is in the works, though the wait for the second season could be a long one.
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Since The Boys debuted in 2019, it has been a bit of a surprise hit on Prime Video. Considering its darker themes and its subversive look at the superhero genre, it actually makes sense that many of us would be interested in exploring other aspects of this world. And that is where the spin-off series, Gen V comes into the picture.

Gen V is an entirely new look at this world of superheroes competing with each other and trying to one-up each other. But it is done in a way that sets it apart from The Boys.

Production on Season 2 of Gen V was postponed following the death of one of the show's stars

Season 2 of Gen V was actually announced on October 19, 2023, just a few weeks after Season 1 premiered. And while production on Season 2 was expected to start towards the end of April 2024, tragedy struck the series when Chance Perdomo, who played Andre Anderson, passed away on March 30 following a motorcycle accident.

Following the loss of Perdomo, the series ended up postponing production, and an announcement was made that they would not be recasting the character. Instead, the writing team went back to the drawing board.

According to Entertainment Weekly, producers made the decision to rework the second season of Gen V so that they could honor Chance Perdomo, while still telling the story that they wanted to tell.

"It's been challenging, to say the least. We were a week away from shooting when Chance passed away tragically. So we had to almost rethink everything, and in just a matter of weeks. But what I tell people when they say wow, that's really crazy or difficult, [is] that pales in comparison to what his friends and loved ones are going through. It's the least we could do."

Eric Kripke

When does production begin on Gen V Season 2? And what does this mean for when we will see the series return?

Officially, production on the second season was said to be beginning in May 2024. That being said, we have not seen much about production starting, although Lizze Broadway, who plays Emma Meyer, did share a set of pictures on Instagram including one of a director's chair with Emma Meyer on it and a caption that says she has missed her character.

The first season of Gen V premiered about one year after filming wrapped up on the series. So if we are looking to the past for when we can expect the second season, then we are likely looking at mid-2025 if filming has already begun or is set to begin in June.

Considering past reports that filming would be postponed indefinitely after Perdomo's death, it makes sense that the Gen V family is not rushing into things when it comes to returning to work. However, they also have to contend with their fans and The Boys itself, since the two shows are truly connected, with stories that seem to cross over between both series.

While it makes sense that there might be delays in filming, Gen V will likely get back to work sooner rather than later.

Gen V season 2 predictions

While the first season of Gen V revolved around Godolkin University and what was happening there, the way things went down in the final episode means that we really can't go back there. However, that doesn't mean that there is not plenty more of this world and these characters for us to explore.

We will likely see a divide between the characters after everything that happened in Season 1, and of course, with Andre Anderson not being recast, the group will be down a man. And we don't know if The Boys Season 4 will have an impact on the show as well, which leaves a lot up in the air when it comes to the storyline for Season 2 of Gen V.

While Perdomo may be gone, we do expect to see the rest of the cast returning, and we already know that Broadway's Emma is back for another season. Other members of the cast we expect to see back on our screens include London Thor and Derek Luh as Jordan Li, Maddie Phillips as Cate Dunlap, Jaz Sinclair as Marie Moreau, and Asa Germann as Samuel "Sam" Riordan. We also expect to see Sam's brother to be back on screen, even if he is a recurring character and not a main character. This would mean Patrick Schwarzenegger would likely return as well.

Should you watch The Boys Season 4 before Gen V Season 2?

Since Gen V took place following the events of Season 3 of The Boys and we did see some cameos in the first season, we expect that watching Season 4 of The Boys would make a lot of sense. And if you have watched the preview for Season 4, then you already know that they have connected the two shows already.

I would absolutely be watching The Boys Season 4 before tuning back in for Gen V Season 2, especially since we do not yet know if the producers will take inspiration from the events of the fourth season in recrafting the second season. And since we imagine there will be more cameo appearances in Season 2 of Gen V, it makes sense to watch the original series to understand the importance of those characters popping up.

Honestly, if you are a fan of either show, then you are likely not going to miss any episodes of either The Boys or Gen V. So we expect that you already have plans to watch The Boys Season 4 when it premieres on June 13, 2024.

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