Hellboy is getting another reboot and the horrifying first trailer is here

The first trailer for Hellboy: The Crooked Man has arrived, and it promises a more horror-focused journey for fans of the character.
Hellboy: The Crooked Man Official Trailer Starring Jack Kesy
Hellboy: The Crooked Man Official Trailer Starring Jack Kesy / Maxblizz

Are you ready for Hellboy's next adventure?

That’s right Hellboy is back, returning to the big screen for fourth time! This time around his adventure is titled Hellboy: The Crooked Man and he has both a new look and actor bringing the trench coat wearing cambion (half human half demon) to life.

That actor is Jack Kesy, who is best known for his appearances Deadpool 2 and 12 Strong. He will be the third actor to take on this role for the big screen following David Harbour's performance in the 2019 attempt to reboot the franchise and the first Hellboy Ron Perlman, who appeared in the two beloved original movies.

The trailer for this upcoming Hellboy film has just been released and it's very different from what you might have come to expect from the franchise. Before we get into it, you can watch it below:

It opens up with scenic shots of rural Appalachia of both gloomy and beautiful tress and rocky hills. A voiceover warns of “something in these hills, something haunted.” The trailer then cuts to our first look at Jack Kesy’s Hellboy saying “Evil. Smells like death.” And a woman screaming in fear. As the trailer progresses we learn that an evil entity is afoot, an evil known as The Crooked Man who leads witches into haunting this small village.

By the looks of this trailer, the style of this film is definitely leaning towards a more darker and horror narrative while still of course promising some action from our titular hero. The film is co-written by original Hellboy creator Mike Mignolia and directed by Brian Taylor who also co-wrote the screenplay with Mignola and Christopher Golden grabbing inspiration from a limited series on The Crooked Man (written by Mignola). The film again stars Jack Kesy as Hellboy, who is joined by Jefferson White as Tom Ferrell, Adeline Rudolph as Bobbie Jo Song, and Martin Bassindale as the titular Crooked Man.

Hellboy is still a popular character from Dark Horse comics and he has had a number of live-action adaptations over the years. Will this iteration of the character bring a new life to the franchise and attract fans new and old alike? We'll have to wait and see, but it's a very different look for the character's live-action stories, opting against CGI in favor of practical effects. Here's hoping this new direction brings the Hellboy franchise the box office success it deserves.

Hellboy: The Crooked Man is set to release later this year.

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