House of the Dragon episode 204 explained: there's literally no turning back now

The dragons have flown and fought in an epic fight, dragon fire went everywhere, plans were sort of carried out, and at least one big player in this game of thrones has died.
House of the Dragon season 2
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Episode 4 of House of the Dragon season 2, "The Red Dragon and the Gold," just took us on a fiery, death-defying ride that left us burned and a little emotionally scarred.

The dragons have flown and fought in an epic fight, dragon fire went everywhere, plans were sort of carried out, and at least one big player in this game of thrones has died. Now, we're left with the aftermath and fallout of this first bloody encounter.

Let's dive into the ending of this epic episode where dragons danced, characters fell, and our hearts collectively skipped a beat.

SPOILER WARNING: Please continue to read at your own risk.

House of the Dragon season 2 /

The Battle at Rook's Rest

First things first, let’s set the stage. We’re at Rook’s Rest, the small but strategically crucial stronghold of House Staunton. This place becomes the fiery battlefield where Aemond, Rhaenys, and King Aegon II, along with their dragons Vhagar, Meleys, and Sunfyre, clash in a spectacular showdown. Think of it as a medieval aerial dogfight but with dragons!

Ser Criston Cole and Prince Aemond had a sneaky plan: lure the Blacks into sending a dragon to defend Rook’s Rest, then ambush them with Vhagar. Sneaky, right? Except, things didn’t go exactly as planned. King Aegon II, ever the wild card, shows up unannounced on Sunfyre, throwing a royal wrench into the works. Aemond makes sure to wait for his brother to get involved though. It's as if he knew he had gotten in his head and forced him to make the not-very-sober decision of riding Sunfyre into battle while intoxicated - can he get a ticket for that? He should. Our impulsive king, King Aegon II, arrives on Sunfyre, ready to burn everything to the ground. But Aemond, perhaps not too keen on sibling rivalry, ends up aiming Vhagar’s dragon fire a little too close to home. Was it an accident? Maybe, maybe not. Sunfyre is hit, and Aegon takes a tumble from the sky. We see Criston Cole approaching the crash site and sees Aemond walking about with his sword drawn, suggesting Aegon might need some finishing off. Is Aegon dead? Not quite. He’s severely injured, maybe crispy around the edges, but still breathing.

Let's get to the heart-wrenching part. Rhaenys, our fierce and beloved Queen Who Never Was, rides into battle on Meleys. The fight is intense, flames and roars filling the sky, but tragedy strikes. Rhaenys and Meleys are attacked and engulfed in dragon fire by Grandma Vhagar and plummet to the ground. It's a devastating moment, and yes, Rhaenys is gone. The loss of such a powerful character leaves a gaping hole, not just in the story but in our hearts.

With Rhaenys dead and Aegon seriously injured, the aftermath of the battle is set to shake the realm. Rhaenys' death will undoubtedly infuriate her husband, Lord Corlys Velaryon. He’s got a bone to pick with the Greens for killing his wife and with Queen Rhaenyra for letting her fly into battle. And with Aegon out of commission, Aemond might just step up as Prince Regent, steering the ship while Aegon recovers from his dragon-induced burns. Is that exactly what he had planned?

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What this means for the Dance of the Dragons

The Battle at Rook’s Rest is a harsh reminder that dragons, while mighty, are not invincible. The death of a dragon and its rider marks one of the war’s first big victories. But will either side learn to be more cautious with their dragon assets? Probably not. The Targaryens are nothing if not headstrong, and the Dance of the Dragons is only just heating up.

As previously mentioned, with Aegon out of commission, Aemond is likely to step into the spotlight. He might start making some bold moves, both on the battlefield and in the political arena. Could we see him taking on more responsibility and maybe even plotting something big to secure his claim to power? Oh, the possibilities! Meanwhile, Lord Corlys Velaryon is bound to be on a warpath. He’s lost his beloved Rhaenys, and that’s not something he’ll take lightly. Expect him to rally his forces, possibly pushing for a major naval battle. The Sea Snake isn’t someone you want to mess with when he’s grieving and angry.

On the Dragonstone side, Queen Rhaenyra will be grappling with the loss of her ally and the implications for her cause. She might start to question her strategies and make some unexpected alliances to bolster her position. Who will she turn to for support, and what risks will she take? It’s going to be intense!

"The Red Dragon and the Gold" has set the stage for more intense battles, political maneuvering, and, of course, more dragon action. The deaths and injuries in this episode underscore the high stakes of this brutal civil war. As viewers, we’re left on the edge of our seats, eagerly awaiting the next fiery twist in the tale.

House of the Dragon is far from done dancing. Tune in to Max and Hulu next Sunday at 9 p.m. ET - you won’t want to miss a single moment of what's coming next.

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