How to watch Invincible season 2 episode 8 (season finale) live online

What can you expect from Invincible Season 2 episode 8? Where, when, and how can you watch the season 2 finale? Find out right here.

Steven Yeun (Mark Grayson)
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If you’re a fan of Invincible, episode 7 gave you two things you’ve been waiting for. First, there’s Mark and Amber’s breakup. Their relationship was never going to last. They were from two different worlds. That was made clear when Anissa showed up (the second thing fans have waited for). She arrives and assaults Amber while she is on a date with Mark. This forces Mark to agree to join her so they can talk.

Like Image Comics’ Invincible, Anissa helps Mark save people from a sea monster. She then offers him a chance to complete Omni-Man’s job to prepare Earth for Viltrumite rule. Mark’s refusal enrages Anissa. She beats Mark almost as badly as his father did and keeps asking him to agree to her terms. Once she realizes he won't, Anissa gives him a warning. She says the next Viltrumite that's sent won't be as merciful as her.

Another Viltrumite worse than her is a terrifying thought. However, if you've read the source material, you're happy. The next Viltrumite coming is named Conquest. Next to Thragg, he's the most ruthless Viltrumite alive. The fights between him and Invincible are legendary. The first one should happen at the end of the season 3 finale.

The end of the episode showed Angstrom Levy with Mark’s mother and brother. He wants Invincible to join him so he can get revenge for disfiguring him (even though it wasn’t Mark’s fault). That means the season-long wait for their battle will happen in the season finale. It’s well placed and a great fight to end the season on.

During the mid-credit scene, Allen the Alien is confronted by Anissa. This time, Allen’s different. He’s tougher and more powerful than the Viltrumites. Once Allen realizes Nolan (Omni-Man) is on the ship, he allows Anissa to capture him. Allen knows that helping Nolan escape can help the Coalition of Planets defeat the Viltrumites. Look for this adventure to come after season 2 ends and becomes its own special like Invincible: Atom Eve.

Invincible season 2 episode 8 release date and time

As Invincible is an Amazon Prime Video exclusive series, season 2, episode 8 – along with the remaining episodes – can only be viewed on a paid subscription to Amazon Prime Video service itself.

Full details on how to watch Invincible season 2 episode 8 can be found below, including start time, TV info, live stream, and more can be found below. However, Amazon Prime's Invincible has been known to change the release times and dates. The same will likely happen this season.

  • Date: Thursday, April 4
  • Time: 12:00 a.m. GMT
  • Season: 2
  • Episode: 8
  • Where to Stream: Amazon Prime Video

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