How you can watch The Boys season 4 episode 5 online

After Homelander’s breakthrough and Sage’s continued genius, how can The Boys survive let alone defeat Vought International?
Antony Starr (Homelander) - Credit: Jasper Savage/Prime Video
Antony Starr (Homelander) - Credit: Jasper Savage/Prime Video /

Whenever a great episode of The Boys concludes, I think there’s no way they can top it. Then, the next one drops and they outdo themselves. Nevertheless, what they did in season 4, episode 4 will be discussed for years.

Antony Starr’s Homelander showed more than just his evil side. We got a glimpse of what made him this way. Sadly, you couldn’t help but feel bad for him. The employees at Vought made it a point to treat him terribly so they could control him. What’s worse is the people in charge acted like this wasn’t a big deal by saying things like, “I was just doing my job.” No matter how true that is, you were still cruel and didn’t have to treat a child the way you did. You created a monster and got what you deserved.

The scariest part of that scene is that Homelander got closure. It’s doubtful he’ll be manipulated again. He always called himself a god, but now he believes it more than ever. The last thing anyone needed was for him to lose another weakness. Also, according to the post below, Homelander can get worse.

The Boys Season 4, Episodes 5 release date and time

As The Boys is an Amazon Prime Video exclusive series, episode 5 – along with the remaining 4 episodes of the season – can only be viewed with a paid subscription to the Amazon Prime Video service.

Full details on how to watch The Boys season 4, episode 5 can be found below, including start time, TV info, live stream, and more: 

Date: Thursday, June 27
Time: 12 a.m. GMT
Season: 3
Episode: 5 ("Beware of the Jabberwock, My Son”)
Where to Stream: Prime Video

Things to think about

The next episode of The Boys has four major things to address. Whatever is worming around in Butcher’s body may have given him super strength. It could keep him alive long enough to “have a go” at Homelander.

Second, we need to know what’s Sage’s endgame. She knew putting Firecracker in that position would force Annie to attack her. It worked out for Vought and The Seven, but just because they won a battle doesn’t mean the war is over. Sage is a genius playing the long game.

Third, what’s going on with Hughie’s father? His mother gave Hughie’s dad Compound V to wake him out of his coma. The serum is too unpredictable to assume everything will be okay. Hopefully, things won’t be too bad. Hughie needs a win. 

Lastly, Gen V characters Cate and Sam will be in this episode. Does this mean that season 4 of The Boys started before the season 1 finale of Gen V? Will Homelander praise the public’s Guardians of Godolkin (Sam and Cate) for defending Godolkin University? Will we finally learn what happened to Jordan, Marie, Andre, and Emma? Stay tuned to Bam Smack Pow to find out.

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