Important notes to remember for The Boys season 4, episode 7

There’s a lot to know going into the penultimate episode of The Boys season 4, but Bam Smack Pow has you covered. Here's everything important that happened during season 4, episode 6.
Karl Urban (Billy Butcher) - Credit: Jasper Savage/Prime Video
Karl Urban (Billy Butcher) - Credit: Jasper Savage/Prime Video /

Normally, we'd have had most of the information of an episode of The Boys prior to its arrival on Prime Video but this wasn’t the case for season 4's penultimate episode, which had remained a bit of a mystery leading up to it. Every scene from the previous installment, the sixth episode, had something to note so it seemed like a good idea to break down everything crucial going into episode 7.

Christmas with The Boys

This upcoming episode is a Christmas episode of The Boys. When shows highlight the holiday season, something magical happens. Someone learns a lesson or they understand the meaning of giving, forgiveness, and things like that. Unfortunately, this is The Boys. All of those things could happen, but, if they do, it’ll be in diabolical and likely bloody ways.

Victoria Neuman's moment

Victoria Neuman doesn't like playing the game to become Vice President of the United States and hates the people she’s surrounded by. Having Stan Edgar with her may give her the strength to do something different. However, there are two problems with this. Sage may have convinced her to stay strong and use her platform. The second is Homelander. If he thinks she’s betrayed him, he’ll kill her.

Thanks to the bugs Hughie planted during Tek Knight’s party, Victoria Neuman didn’t know her conversation was being recorded. Whether or not it will make a difference remains to be seen. She and the rest of her billionaire associates are so powerful that they can make it disappear or tell the world it's a hoax. 

The Boys season 4 Episode 6 Dirty Business
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A-Train's evolution

Each season, there's an episode where A-Train realizes that, while he’s part of The Seven, he’s not like the rest of his teammates. It's more than power. His peers are white and he isn't. This is why he’s experienced racism on every leve;l even when he's in the suit, he's treated like a side character.

Thanks to Marvin Milk, A-Train is beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s too bad he’ll probably die in the season finale. At least he had the powerful moment where a young Black kid saw him save another Black man's life.

The Boys Season 4
The Boys Season 4 on Prime Video /

Things get worse

The Boys always tops itself with the disgusting things people do. Rarely does it happen twice in the same episode. Tek Knight revealing that his family’s money comes from slave chasers was awful and seeing him brag about it to A-Train was worse. Then it’s revealed that Sage and Homelander are using Tek Knight’s private prisons for internment camps.

This writer still believes that Sage is up to something. It doesn't look good, but she has to be. Throughout The Boys, she’s mentioned how much she hates people who treat people of color and women poorly. During her conversation with Victoria Neuman, Sage mentions that you have to keep one hand in your enemies’ pockets and the other on their throats. This could have been a hint to what's going on with her. There are still two more episodes for her to show that she's not who we’re seeing and I will keep faith in her.

The Boys season 4 Frenchie Colin Colin Frenchie
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Not only did Frenchie turn himself in, he isn’t accepting any visitors. Nevertheless, Kimiko has continued to show up. In the teaser for episode 7, Frenchie is the first character you see. It could be a flashback or a moment from a previous episode. I choose to believe that he escaped or was broken out of prison. 

The Boys Season 4
Antony Starr (Homelander) - Credit: Prime Video /

Homelander's next move

Homelander has some important decisions to make. First, he trusted Sage and she wasn’t around when he needed her. Despite this not being her fault (Marvin Milk shot her in the head), Homelander won’t see it that way. All he’ll remember is that she failed him and made him look bad.

Second, now that Firecracker has Homelander's attention, we get to find out what she’s after. Does she believe in everything he says or is it an act? Throughout season 4, we’ve seen both sides.  Now that she has Homelander in a compromised position, she can get whatever she wants from him. However, she needs to be careful. Homelander is unstable and will kill her if he thinks he’s being used.

Lastly, how do we know that Firecracker isn’t working for someone? It seems too convenient that she knew Homelander’s weakness. Maybe this was more of Sage’s manipulation. For all we know, she planned this before she was introduced in episode 1. There’s no way she didn’t know Homelander was coming to see her. 

The Boys Season 4 Teaser Art- Butcher
The Boys season 4 on Prime Video /

Butcher and "Kessler"

Finally, we come to the most important moment of the episode. Butcher learns that Kessler is a figment of his imagination created by the V he took in season 3 (and again in season 4). Butcher forgot he left his former teammate to die in a cave.

In The Boys comics, Butcher used to say he'd go to an evil place to do the vile things he did. Using Kessler’s personality is a brilliant move by the creative team. It adds moments from the source material while allowing it to make sense on the show. This could be how Butcher goes through with the plan to use the supe killing virus to kill everyone with Compound V in their system (read The Boys: The Bloody Doors Off for that story).

There's one more thing to wonder. "Kessler" took charge and killed Ezekiel when Butcher blacked out. It makes you wonder how often Butcher has blacked out and what else he's done that he's not aware of. Stay tuned to Bam Smack Pow to find out.

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