Invincible season 2 episode 5 review - this definitely came to us as a shock

Invincible, which is probably the best recent superhero show, comes back with a bang and greets viewers with a nice gut punch.

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And just like that, we are welcomed back into the sky-high, jaw-dropping world of Invincible, where the punches land harder than a comet strike and the drama unfolds with the intensity of a Latin soap opera.

As we left the first part of season 2, our jaws were on the floor, minds blown away like leaves in the wake of Omni-Man's flight path. This isn't just another superhero saga; it's a universe where every drop of blood, every moral quandary, feels as real and palpable as the pages of the comics it leaped from. Mark Grayson, aka Invincible, isn't just dealing with college drama and the awkwardness of growing up - he's juggling the very weight of his legacy, the secrets of his father, and the ever-growing responsibility of protecting Earth from threats both alien and all too human.

Where did we leave off? Oh, just on the edge of our seats, thanks for asking.

Here's where we left off, and if you're not caught up... well, don't read it. This entire piece will SPOIL THE FIRST HALF OF SEASON TWO AS WELL AS ITS NEWEST AND FIFTH EPISODE.

Mark's world is more tangled than a web from Spider-Man on a caffeine binge. Omni-Man, asshole father of the year and the most powerful being on the planet, has left Earth after revealing his true, blood-chilling intentions, leaving Mark and his allies to pick up the pieces of a shattered trust and an even more shattered city. The first part of season 2 tossed us into the deep end of the superhero pool, with new villains that make the Viltrumites look like playground bullies, and alliances as shaky as a house of cards in a tornado. The stakes? Higher than the stratosphere. The emotional turmoil? More intense than a lightsaber duel.

As we catch our breath waiting for the second half of this intense season, one thing's clear: Invincible is not pulling any punches. Mark's journey is set to be a meteoric rise through trials that would make Hercules hesitate. The questions of what it means to be a hero, the cost of power, and the shades of grey in between good and evil are all laid bare in a tale that's as unflinching as it is compelling. What new challenges await our young hero? Can he step out of the shadow of his father's legacy to forge his own path? And can Earth's defenders come together when they're needed the most?

Buckle up, because the second half of season 2 is quite the ride. In the world of Invincible, the only certainty is that anything can happen – and usually does.


Invincible Season 2 Part 2
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Season 2 episode 5 recap and review - "This Must Come As A Shock"

Holy smokes. "This Must Come As A Shock" was indeed a bit of a shock as it picks back up with our hero Mark Grayson, aka Invincible, in a real pickle. He's lying there on Thraxa, looking like he went ten rounds with a blender, all thanks to a dust-up with some seriously bad-news Viltrumite warriors. Mark wakes up to find himself the center of attention for some Thraxans who are probably wondering, "How much tape do we need to patch this guy up?"

Then, we're thrown into a family reunion you'd expect to see on the most twisted episode of Dr. Phil, with Nolan's new Thraxan family. Mark has been tasked with taking the purple baby home to Earth with him so he has people to raise him after his Thraxan mother inevitably dies quickly as she ages much quicker than he does. So yes, Mark and his mom, Debbie, are basically forced to raise Nolan's other child while they're still dealing with the fallout of his betrayal and unmasking. Talk about family drama! And the emotional damage!

Cut to Earth, and it's chaos central. The Guardians are duking it out with Omnipotous, who's like if Skeletor went to villain grad school. Meanwhile, Mark's mom, Debbie, is navigating her own drama, including a potential new love interest and the shock of meeting her new purple grandbaby. Drama, wine, and alien babies - classic Tuesday. I still want to give Debbie a hug.

Now, let's talk about Donald. The guy finds out he's been turned into an android and reacts about as well as you'd expect. The GDA's got him feeling like he's in a sci-fi thriller he didn't sign up for, revealing secret android production lines that would make any conspiracy theorist's day. While I do feel bad that basically everyone knew about it but him, it's quite the upgrade. I do wonder though - will we see Donald turn evil and have his own army of robots come to life and rally to him so he can get some sort of revenge on Cecil? Only time will tell.

Back at college, Mark's catching up with his buddy William and facing the music with his girlfriend Amber, who's had a rough time. Relationship problems, college stress, and oh, battling a galaxy-wide parasite threat... that's all just typical young adult stuff, right?

Invincible Season 2 Part 2
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Oh, and speaking of threats, the Sequids are back and meaner than ever, turning what should've been a straightforward mission into a full-blown space horror movie. And as if space parasites weren't enough, back on Earth, the Lizard League is causing mayhem, proving that sometimes the biggest threats come in cold-blooded packages. Witnessing the horror of DupliKate and Shrinking Rae die horribly, right when we needed them to not die, was actually a huge shock. But hey, if anything, it proves that nobody in Invincible has plot armor thick enough to be saved forever. That's kind of concerning, though.

In the midst of all this, there's heartbreak, heroics, and harrowing battles both on Earth and in space. Our heroes face losses that hit hard, showing that even in a world of superheroes, the stakes are real and the costs are high.

But just when you think it's game over, Allen the Alien makes a comeback that's nothing short of miraculous, setting the stage for an epic showdown that's sure to come. I was so happy! I can't wait to see what all shenanigans Allen will get into and, most certainly, drag poor Mark along with.

"This Must Come As A Shock" is a wild ride from start to finish, leaving us hanging on the edge of your seat, wide-eyed, and definitely needing a moment to process. Because in the world of Invincible, when it rains, it pours, and this episode is a full-blown storm of superhero mayhem.

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