Invincible season 2 episode 7: 5 key differences between the comic and the TV show

Invincible Season 2's seventh episode featured changes from the Invincible Image comic book. Here are the most important and whether or not they added to the story.

Steven Yeun (Mark Grayson), Sandra Oh (Debbie Grayson)
Steven Yeun (Mark Grayson), Sandra Oh (Debbie Grayson) /

The second half of season 2 of Amazon Prime’s Invincible changed more than they previously had. Viewers are seeing more storylines for their secondary characters. Some of them have helped make the heroes more complex. However, sometimes adding things can hurt. It’s like putting too much sauce on food. You may love barbecue sauce, but overdoing it will ruin the meal.

The following five moments from Invincible were changed from the Image comic book, but did they help or hurt the project?


Mark talks to his mother

Mark and Debbie had a few heart-to-heart conversations throughout the Invincible comic books. This one was different. Debbie explained what attracted her to Nolan (Omni-Man). Part of it was they seemed like equals. She was teaching him Earth costumes he didn’t understand. For example, Nolan brought her a tree thinking it was like buying flowers.

When Mark asked if she regretted being with Nolan, she said no because it brought him and Oliver into her life. Mark responded and asked if it would be different if he and Oliver weren't in her life. That made her pause. This should come back in later episodes when Omni-Man returns.

The creative team for the show made it a point to show more of Debbie and it’s great. Granted, she was more than just Mark’s mother in the comics. Nevertheless, seeing what she’s going through adds to her story. And not making her a sloppy alcoholic made her look stronger. 

Seance Dog

In the comics, Mark talks with the creator of Science Dog (Seance Dog on the show). Like the Image comics, the writer discusses the changes made. They seem lazy, but it’s a joke the comic book played on. The same happened on the show. The difference is it’s about Seance Dog the show. Among the jokes is when season 2 was coming out. This was a nod to the creative team knowing Invincible Season 2 took forever to debut.

Invincible Season 2 Part 2
Jason Mantzoukas (Rex Splode) /

Rex's evolution

Rex’s character development is better on the show than in the comics. Rex is still a jerk, but he’s evolving. In this episode, he’s dealing with the PTSD of being shot in the head (season 2, episode 5). During the source material, he just moved on to the next problem. Now he's dealing with his issues and becoming a deeper character. This will make his death more impactful.

Bulletproof and Black Samson

Bulletproof’s conversation with Black Samson never happened in the comics. Bulletproof spent most of his time being a horrible person. It looks like that’s changing. While that’s a good thing, this scene was pointless. Their interaction was forgettable and added nothing to the plot. Maybe that will change going forward.

Amber, Mark, and Anissa

Fans of Invincible have been waiting for Anissa’s arrival. She first appeared in the comics when Debbie and Mark were having lunch. The show had her interrupt Mark and Amber’s date. Not only that, she forced Mark to meet her by assaulting Amber. This leads to Mark and Amber’s breakup.

Amber was more accepting of Mark’s superhero life on the show. It’s why she stayed with him longer and never entertained another guy (the comic book Amber did). Having them break up after Anissa threatens Amber was smart. Fans will be more understanding of their split. However, while Amber isn’t built for that life, Atom Eve is.

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