James Gunn shares exciting Peacemaker season 2 update as he reveals filming has begun

Director James Gunn shared an exciting update for DCU fans to take a quick break from the hope and optimism of 'Superman' to dive back into the crazy bombastic reality of 'Peacemaker' as cameras are now underway on the second season of the hit MAX series.
Peacemaker. Photograph by Katie Yu/HBO Max
Peacemaker. Photograph by Katie Yu/HBO Max /

On April 13, Director James Gunn shared an exciting update for DCU fans. In a social media post, he announced that the cameras are now rolling on Peacemaker season 2, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the series. The news is sure to ignite anticipation among DC fans. 

It’s a significant development that the sophomore season of the John Cena anti-hero-led series will be canon to the DCU, along with the proven confirmation that the series will take place after the events of Superman, a fact that Director James Gunn has confirmed multiple times. However, the first season won’t be part of the DCU canon. 

In addition, earlier this week, Cena was on the ESPN series Pat Mcaffee Show while making a guest appearance to promote Wrestlemania XL. Still, one thing stood out during the segment: Cena confirmed that filming will last to "just about Christmas." 

Rest assured, James Gunn is fully committed to the Peacemaker project. He remains the showrunner for the MAX series, and Peacemaker is “a priority.” Currently, he's deeply involved in the production of 'Superman,' which is set for a summer 2025 release on July 11, 2025. 

With that being said, Gunn also wrote every episode from season 1 and season 2; however, the DC Studios CEO has confirmed that he will direct “only some” episodes this time. In a reply shared on Threads, Gunn revealed that he'll be sharing directing duties in season 2 with three additional directors, who he has not yet revealed.

"I’ll be directing some of the episodes (I’m directing today). But there are three other great directors joining me for the season," Gunn teased.

If honest, all of this has been a tad confusing to process, but previous reports confirm that Team Peacemaker is coming back. Gunn utilized this confirmation to temper and quell the confusion from fans and critics alike, as he took into account in a lengthy Threads post back in February, showcasing a variety of elements from the first season will transfer into the DCU variation of the series. 

Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see how this will all flow symmetrically with the overarching narrative presiding in the canvas Gunn and fellow DC Studios CEO Peter Safran are molding.

All episodes of Peacemaker season 1 are now available and streaming on MAX. 

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