James Gunn's Superman has cast another major DC character

The first DC Universe movie is starting to take form as James Gunn's Superman has cast another pivotal DC character.
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The upcoming Superman movie is set to be a big one for many reasons, but among them is its position as the first installment of DC Studios' new DC Universe. James Gunn himself is helming the project that was formerly titled Superman: Legacy, and he already put together an intriguing cast featuring David Corenswet, Rachel Brosnahan, and Nicholas Hoult (as Superman, Lois Lane, and Lex Luthor respectively). Now, another major DC character has joined the fray.

The Wrap has revealed that Pruitt Taylor Vince has officially joined the cast of Gunn's Superman as the Man of Steel’s adopted father, Pa Kent, better known as Jonathan Kent.

Pruitt Taylor Vince has appeared in films like Bird Box, and Gotti throughout his lengthy career, and he's no stranger to the comic book genre either, having played Father Hennessy in 2005's Constantine, Otis in The Walking Dead, and Grill in Marvel’s Agents of Shield.  He has also appeared in Stranger Things, The Mentalist, and is known for his Emmy-award-winning performance in the drama series Murder One.

Jonathan Kent is an important piece of Superman's story

The character of Pa Kent is often seen as the voice of reason, providing important advice to his son before he ultimately becomes the world's greatest hero. It's no surprise that he will play a role in Superman as he has been featured multiple times on the silver screen before. Most recently, Kevin Costner portrayed him in Man of Steel. Before Costner, Glenn Ford brought the role to life during the events of Richard Donner’s Superman: The Movie

However, one thing I do feel that fans will discuss and invoke healthy conversation about is how many hold and revere Smallville's portrayal of the character as the best incarnation brought to the screen. While Jonathan Kent normally plays a smaller (but vital) role in Superman stories, the hit CW series had the character remain on the show for five seasons, which was half of its 10-season run

Now, one question remains: Who else is Gunn looking to incorporate and drop into the DCU's proverbial sandbox? Now that we have Mr. Kent himself, we do have to wonder if Clark's mother, Martha “Ma” Kent, will be added to the line-up, too. 

Another plot thread that could be answered or explored is how much of the film will incorporate Smallville. Could fans see Lana or Pete Ross in minor cameos, similar to how Zack Synder brought the location to life in his DCEU? Again, as of now, this is all just food for thought.  

Nonetheless, Jonathan Kent's incusion in the film is fitting because Smallville is a vast and essential piece of history throughout the Superman lore.

Superman will soar into theaters on July 11, 2025. 

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