Lindsay Lohan to join the MCU?! New rumor hints she just might

Lindsay Lohan is rumored to be joining the MCU as a “vixen superhero."

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Lindsay Lohan is having a major comeback in a positive way. After filming multiple films back to back, it seems she’s ready for some new acting challenges to further her illustrious career which may include a big Marvel role.

Lohan has expressed interest in the past about joining the superhero genre and now it seems her wishes may be coming true as it is heavily rumored by Us Weekly she is being eyed for a “vixen superhero”.

Lohan has a great relationship with Disney and is currently rumored to be working on the sequel to their hit Freaky Friday film with Jamie Lee Curtis and Lohan. Both actresses are set to reprise their roles as mother and daughter. Clearly, Disney is excited to be working with Lohan again, and casting her in the MCU would be a major career win for the actress.

So if this rumor becomes reality who could Lindsay be playing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

We have some thoughts on who Lindsay Lohan could be playing in the MCU

Noting that the word “vixen” was used to describe the Marvel character in mind for Lindsay Lohan there are a couple of heroines in the Marvel universe that could fit that description.

For starters, the word vixen means a female fox or a spirited/fierce woman. A character who is a literal female fox in Marvel is the shapeshifter White Fox who has the mystical abilities to shift into fox form, communicate with animals, and possess superhuman strength, stamina, and senses. White Fox is from South Korea in her origins, so if Lohan were to play her they would obviously need to change her origins and race bend the character which certainly would cause some negative reactions from fans.

Another character tied to the description for Lohan is Marvel’s Vixen who is a British crime lord who also is able to turn into a fox. She's also a master criminal with a history with Captain Britain who is also rumored to get his live-action appearance in the near future.

Lindsay could play any of these characters or perhaps a total wild card such as Mystique (she’s already got the iconic red hair), who definitely could be considered a vixen. Plus we know the X-Men are coming to the MCU soon.

Again this is still a heavy rumor and we won't know for sure if Lohan has indeed joined the MCU until confirmed by Marvel.

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