10 most disliked MCU villains, ranked

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has presented us with plenty of villains over the years, but these guys put the "bad" in bad guys.

Thanos (Josh Brolin)

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5. Yon-Rogg

You ever see a villain hiding in plain sight too soon? By very definition, those villains fail the "hiding" part of that M.O. That is unfortunately what happened with Yon-Rogg in 2019's Captain Marvel.

Portrayed by Jude Law, he was seen as Carol Danvers' trusty mentor; the one who pushed her so hard but found himself beaming with pride when she excelled. Yep, too good to be true.

While Captain Marvel tried to pull the wool over our eyes with their kinship, the longer that Carol spent away from him, the more it became clear that it was his influence that had prevented her from seeing the truth much earlier. And because she spent most of the movie away from him, that became clear pretty early on.

Whenever the truth was revealed, Yon-Rogg dropped the prentenses and revealed his true, arrogant self. This certainly makes sense (why bother trying to lie when Carol knew the truth?) but the quick switchover just made him seem very one-dimensional. And his mission, for the Kree to triumph over the Skrulls, also didn't help his case.

Jude Law played the role well, but it did feel like a waste of his talents. The fact that we're only five years removed from the villain and have practically forgotten that Yon-Rogg existed really does say all you need to know about how successful he was.