Marvel Comics: 4 superpowers the Hulk has that aren't strength

The Hulk is more than his unlimited strength. Here are four abilities you may be shocked to learn he possesses.
Marvel's Avengers: Age Of Ultron..Hulk (Mark Ruffalo)..Ph: Film Frame..©Marvel 2015
Marvel's Avengers: Age Of Ultron..Hulk (Mark Ruffalo)..Ph: Film Frame..©Marvel 2015 /

When people think of the Incredible Hulk, power is the first things that come to mind. In fairness, it makes sense. The madder he gets, the stronger he becomes. That leaves him with an incalculable level of power.

During World War Hulk, he was never angrier or stronger. Even then, he could take things to another level. Time and again Marvel Comics fans have seen him accomplish unbelievable feats of strength. However, this is only one of the things the Hulk is capable of. For example, he’s very resistant to telepathy. Here are some of the other things you may not know that he can do.

Healing factor

When you’re the Hulk, people are always coming after you. For years, it was Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross and the military. While he usually came out on top, being able to throw a tank helps, but it isn’t the only factor. Taking damage and healing is a big part of his victories.

His enhanced durability is a given, but the military finds a way to get through his skin. Thankfully, he heals at an accelerated rate. Maybe even faster than Wolverine. In Immortal Hulk No. 8, his body was cut up and separated. Later on, he reformed himself after being in multiple jars. As great as Wolverine and Deadpool’s healing factors are, even they can’t do that. Although, not every Hulk can do that.

Different abilities

During Immortal Hulk, readers learn more about Bruce Banner’s multiple personalities. They don’t just act differently. Their abilities vary. Depending on what’s required, he can switch between personalities and adapt to the situation.

Joe Fixit is more street-savvy than the others. When tact is needed, he's the one you call. The Big Guy (the regular Hulk) has more rage than the rest. That's who you need when destruction is a must. World Breaker is almost unstoppable. Logan could barely cut his skin when they fought. Thor said Devil Hulk is the strongest of them all. He’s also the scariest. You don't want him to come out. Especially if you've hurt Banner or the Big Guy. He takes it personally.

Possible immortality

Thanks to the Green Door, the Hulk could be immortal. Whenever he dies, he’s sent to the  Below-Place. A realm under Hell. Eventually, the Green Door opens and he returns to the land of the living. Also, throughout Immortal Hulk, there are scenes where he’s the last being in the universe. At one point he ate the last cosmic being in creation.

This doesn’t mean that the Hulk can't be killed for good. These are likely alternate realities. In the final issue of Immortal Hulk, a red Joe Fixit closes the Green Door. However, as we’ve all seen, nothing stays the same in comic books.

Gamma connection

The Hulk has a connection to Gamma other than being turned into a monster because of it. In recent years, he’s been able to detect it over long distances. It’s helped him find Gamma-related threats and take them out. This is how he finds his way back to the place he was made (New Mexico) and where, thanks to the Gamma-bomb, Gamma radiation is apparently at its highest.

There have been moments where the Hulk can absorb Gamma. He’s done this against multiple enemies. However, it hasn’t been consistent. Whether it depends on the personality remains to be seen. Realistically, it depends on the writer.