Marvel Comics: An Heir to Apocalypse is coming in 2024

A new Apocalypse will be crowned in Marvel Comics during X-Men: Heir of Apocalypse. It won't be surprising when Armageddon Girl becomes wins the tournament.

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In 2019, the mutants of Marvel Comics entered the Krakoan era. Magneto, Charles Xavier, and Moira MacTaggert created an island nation to give mutants a nation of their own (read House of X and Powers of X for more on that). On Krakoa, mutants could live their lives without the fear of persecution. That era is coming to an end. With that comes changes throughout the X-Men lore. Among those alterations will be a new Apocalypse in the four-issue mini-series X-Men: Heir of Apocalypse

Marvel Comics announced that En Sabah Nur (Apocalypse) will return to Arrako to usher in a new life for mutants saying, "...this four-issue limited series kicks off in May and sees the X-Men’s former archenemy gather 12 mutants for an epic tournament to discover who is fit enough to take his place. After trials that test the heart, body, mind, and soul, one will emerge to boldly follow in Apocalypse’s mighty footsteps!"

This is a role that he’s played before. However, living on Krakoa and meditation on what strength is gave him a new outlook on life. Now, he’ll likely be a more understanding leader.

Who will be in the Heir to Apocalypse Tournament?

With him leaving, twelve mutants will fight for the right to be the new Apocalypse. Those mutants are Armageddon Girl, Cable, Cypher, Emma Frost, Exodus, Forge, Gorgon, Mirage, Mr. Sinister, Penance, Rictor, and Wolverine (Laura Kinney). Each of these mutants adds something to the role. The obvious thing is fresh eyes.

Most of the mutants on this list are older (Cable being the eldest). Nevertheless, they offer a new outlook on the role. That role is making sure mutants remain strong enough to survive. Except for Armageddon Girl (formerly Nature Girl), have been leaders or have decades of fighting experience. That said, there are only three options that make sense.

Who should be the Heir to Apocalypse

First, there’s Mr. Sinister. Nathaniel Essex was one of Apocalypse’s first mutant experiments in the new era of mutantdom. Next is Rictor. He and En Sabah Nur had a special relationship during Krakoa. It seemed like Apocalypse was grooming Rictor to replace him. Those moments could have been leading to this. While they're the obvious choices, Armageddon Girl is the sleeper pick to take it all.

During Marvel Unlimited exclusive comic X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic, Armageddon Girl flexed her muscles for the world. She showed the potential to be the most powerful mutant in the world. Her becoming the next Apocalypse is a way to promote a newer character and for the X-Men to gain a new villain. It doesn’t hurt that armageddon is a synonym for apocalypse.

Whoever the next heir is, the world of the X-Men will change again. If it’s someone like Rictor, mutants could become stronger and have a good moral compass. If it’s Mr. Sinister or Armageddon Girl, the X-Men will have another enemy on a list that’s always growing. 

Stay tuned to Bam Smack Pow to find out who comes out on top. 

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