Marvel Comics: Dr. Doom admits Reed Richards is better than him

During Marvel Comics Secret War (2015) Dr. Doom did something no one saw coming. He admitted that Reed Richards would have done a better job at saving the multiverse.
Doctor Doom | Marvel 101
Doctor Doom | Marvel 101 / Marvel Entertainment

The rivalry between Reed Richards and Victor von Doom begins before they become Mr. Fantastic and Dr. Doom. While in college, Reed tries to warn Victor that the calculations for his machine are off. Victor (being the narcissist that he is) refuses to believe it. It’s a mistake that literally blows up in his face. Instead of taking accountability for his actions, Doom blames Reed for the accident and refuses to let the grudge go.

Despite becoming stronger, richer, and maybe more accomplished than his rival, Doom’s need to prove himself didn’t end. When the incursion destroyed entire universes, Victor stepped up and saved what parts of the multiverse he could. You’d think that being the savior of millions and being God would be enough for Doom, but it wasn’t. He had to have something else. He needed Reed’s life too. He marries Sue Storm and has two kids with her (Valeria and Franklin).

When Reed and Doom finally fight, they debate who is greater. Doom says that Reed always thought he was better than him. Reed says Victor is wrong. Reed says he always believed Victor could be better than he was. Then, Doom makes a mistake. He asks Reed if he thinks he could have done a better job with his power. Reed says he does, and that Doom knows it. Doom pauses and says, “Yes. Damn you…”

  • Comic book source: Marvel Comics Secret Wars No. 9 (2015-2016)
  • Writer: Jonathan Hickman
  • Artist: Esad Ribić

It may not seem like a big deal, but it is. Doom never admits that anyone is better than him. Saying that, of all people, Reed Richards could be a better god than him is unprecedented. Will this happen again? It’s doubtful. Nevertheless, Doom will always remember that he had the power of a god and lost it because he acknowledged that Mr. Fantastic could’ve done a better job.

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