Marvel Comics: The newest X-Men promo raises questions about the future

After the Fall of X, Marvel Comics introduces X-Men: Rise from the Ashes. What comic books are in this run and what questions need to be answered?

X-Men: From The Ashes | Official Trailer | Marvel Comics
X-Men: From The Ashes | Official Trailer | Marvel Comics / Marvel Entertainment

Comic book fans know that the X-Men will always be part of the Marvel Comics universe. After the Fall of X, the X-Men will rise from the ashes. Recently, Marvel announced the creative teams behind the three main X-Men series.

Exceptional X-Men will be written by Eve Eve Ewing (Black Panther). She's joined by artist Carmen Carnero (Miles Morales: Spider-Man). Writer Gail Simone (Deadpool) is accompanied by artist David Marquez (Miles Morales: UltimateSpider-Man) for Uncanny X-Men. Writer Jed MacKay (Moon Knight) and artist Ryan Stegman (Alien: Black, White & Blood) team up for X-Men.

The video above shows all three teams and their roster. Fan favorites like Wolverine, Gambit, Rogue, and Cyclops are all involved. All of them are obvious choices when creating X-Teams. It's also cool that Emma and Kate Pryde are still together. Their relationship has been fantastic since Astonishing X-Men and improved during the Krakoan Era. Despite what we do know, some questions still need to be answered. Among them are the mutants missing in the picture and what other titles are coming.

What happened to Magneto

In the trailer above, Magneto is in a floating wheelchair. It’s similar to when Charles Xavier couldn’t walk. Does that mean Magneto is the new Professor X (Professor M)? Did he lose the use of his legs after a big fight with Nimrod? The Resurrection of Magneto was promoted as Max being the savior of mutants. Maybe saving the day leads to a dire consequence.

Cyclops and Psylocke

You may have noticed that Jean Grey is absent from the promotional image. While she died during the Hellfire Gala, everyone knows that she won’t stay dead. However, there’s another telepath on his team and her name is Psylocke. Once upon a time, Cyclops and Psylocke were romantically involved. We could be looking at a rekindled romance.

Who is the Phoenix

Another comic book to be released is Phoenix. An easy guess is it will star Jean Grey, but she isn’t the only X-Man who’s used the Phoenix Force. Rachel Grey and Hope Summers are among the people who have. Both are worthy of a solo title (especially Hope). Without Jean Grey on the promotional cover, it’s probably her. Nevertheless, Hope or Rachel would be a nice twist. 

X-Factor Investigations?

X-Factor has been a government team and detectives for mutants. The latter was their best version. Peter David and Leah Williams both did amazing jobs using lesser-known mutants to solve cases. Hopefully, this remains the same. X-Factor is better when they’re not like other titles. 


Storm benefitted from the Krakoan Era more than anyone. People know she’s powerful, but they forget how much. Giving her a solo series allows her to display the upper levels of her abilities in ways she can’t when she’s on a team. After Al Ewing’s X-Men Red, readers can expect Storm to reach new heights in this series.


Logan survived Sabretooth, his army of variants, and Orchis. What’s next for Logan? As of now, no one knows. One thing is for certain, Wolverine will go around the world hunting and hurting people. Plus, we don’t know which Sabretooth survived Wolverine: Sabretooth War. Logan could be tracking them down. Or, and hear me out, maybe this Wolverine series stars Laura. 

Is Laura returning to NYX?

NYX is where Luara Kinney (X-23 and now Wolverine) made her comic book debut. With mutants being hated and feared (as usual) and no Krakoa to run to, they’ll be left to fend for themselves. Unfortunately, that means a lot of homeless mutants. Laura could return to this series to protect them. Hopefully, Kiden Nixon returns. She’s the most influential character from that series and someone Laura loves.


X-Force was once Cable’s team of young mutant soldiers. Later, Cyclops turned it into a kill squad. Recently, they were Krakoa’s version of the C.I.A. Without their island nation, is X-Force returning to its original roots? Is Nathan Summers (Cable) back in charge? Will we see another kill squad? Maybe it's a little bit of everything.

Where is Charles Xavier?

Lastly, what happened to Charles Xavier? After everything that occurred, where did he go? Is he dead? Has he gone into hiding? Was he imprisoned and blamed for everything regarding Krakoa? Is it more nefarious than anyone can think?

The mystery surrounding Charles Xavier's land the X-Men will be the biggest. Sadly, we won’t know the answers until the end of the Fall of X or during X-Men: From the Ashes. Stay tuned to Bam Smack Pow to find out where he is.

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