Marvel Comics: The X-Men's longest relationship is over

The X-Men suffer more tragedy as another romantic relationship ends in death.
FALL OF X | Official Trailer | Marvel Comics
FALL OF X | Official Trailer | Marvel Comics / Marvel Entertainment

When the Krakoan Age began, Charles Xavier and Cyclops sent Darwin (Armando), Synch (Everett), and Wolverine (Laura) on a dangerous mission (X-Men No. 5, 2020 by Gerry Duggan). They needed to go into The Vault and get information on Children of the Vault. The problem with sending anyone there is that time moves faster in the Vault. With Darwin’s ability to adapt, Laura’s healing factor, and Synch mimicking her healing, they could live for an extended period of time and age slowly.

After being in the Vault for hundreds of years, Everett and Laura fell in love. Eventually, they had to go back. Synch escaped, but Laura was caught. Eventually, Forge went on a mission and got Laura out of the Vault (X-Men Nos. 16 and 17). Synch thought she’d need some time to adjust. Instead, she immediately kissed him. The two became a couple and teammates again. 

Laura dropped the name Wolverine (since her younger self was using the title) and became Talon. During the 2024 Hellfire Gala, she and Everett were named the leaders of the X-Men. As we’ve seen, Orchis’ Mutant Massacre stopped the celebration. However, the two continued to be a couple and fought back against their enemies.

In X-Men No. 30, Synch and Talon went on a mission to see the High Evolutionary to get the tech needed to stop Orchis. To get it, they had to “survive him.” At first, it seemed like they did. Laura and Everett escaped with the tech to stop Orchis from killing humans with Krakoan drugs. Unfortunately, things weren’t as they seemed. Laura died during their fight with the High Evolutionary. Before she could pass on, Everett put her consciousness in his mind. 

In the next issue, Nimrod was easily defeating the X-Men. Laura is telling Synch that he needs to let her go and fight. As much as Everett doesn’t want to, he listens. Laura is gone from his mind and he helps his team survive Nimrod.

As it said in X-Men No. 31, “The longest romance in X-Men history finally ended.” Over a thousand years together and it’s over thanks to Orchis. It would be shocking, but this is the life of mutants in Marvel Comics. 

Stay tuned to Bam Smack Pow to find out what’s next for the X-Men during the Fall of the House of X.

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