Marvel Comics: Ultimate Spider-Man’s first fight doesn’t go well

Peter Parker's first attempt at being a hero doesn't go well and almost makes him stop being Spider-Man before he starts.

Ultimate Spider-Man | Official Trailer | Marvel Comics
Ultimate Spider-Man | Official Trailer | Marvel Comics / Marvel Entertainment

At the end of Jonathan Hickman's Ultimate Spider-Man No. 1, Peter Parker (Earth-1610) decided to take a shot at life. He lets the spider bite him and receive the destiny he was robbed of (the Maker changes Peter's fate in Ultimate Invasion No. 1). The last page shows him in an all-black suit standing on the rooftop. Ultimate Spider-Man is officially born.

In the original Ultimate Universe, Peter Parker adjusted to his powers quickly. Within the first week, he’d beaten the Green Goblin, Electro, and Wilson Fisk. Unfortunately, things aren't going smoothly for the 30-something Peter Parker.

The next issue begins with Peter Parker web-swinging, but not sticking the landing. Thankfully (as he said) he’s durable. While he’s practicing, he comes across his first villain, the Shocker. In typical Peter Parker fashion, he opens up with a joke to find out what Shocker is doing. After a brief conversation, Shocker says he’s learned his lesson. Of course, he was lying. Shocker shoots Peter off a roof and he lands in a dumpster.

Peter gets home and doesn’t change out of his uniform. His daughter walks out and sees him and she’s frightened. After a quick conversation, her fear disappears. She promises to keep his secret as long as he eventually tells MJ (Peter’s wife and her mom) and Richard (Peter and MJ’s son) that he’s the guy in black in the Daily Bugle.

The next night, Peter sees the Shocker again. This time, Peter does a better job. He web’s his enemy’s face and knocks him down. Shocker says he’s stealing the money because his wife needs surgery they can’t afford. Again, Peter believes him, gets hit with Shocker’s gauntlets, falls off the roof, and lands in the dumpster. That makes him 0-2 while fighting villains.

The discouraged Peter Parker swings home. He thinks he's not cut out for this. Then, Peter looks at the fridge and sees a picture his daughter made. It has a red and blue spider with a message that says, “I drew a picture of your spider. I hope you like it. You’re the best.” That gave Peter all the motivation he needed to keep on going.

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