Marvel Comics: Wakanda goes to war with Khonshu Ra and Moon Knight

Marvel Comics' Ultimate Black Panther wages war against Ra and Khonshu after a follower kills his loved one.

Ultimate Black Panther #1 | Official Trailer | Marvel Comics
Ultimate Black Panther #1 | Official Trailer | Marvel Comics / Marvel Entertainment

Universe 1610 (Marvel Comics Ultimate Universe) was set in the late 1990s. The goal was to give a new look to classic characters. For a while, it worked. Ultimate Spider-Man went on to become a classic series. As time went on, the universe began to get stale. Then, Ultimate Invasion debuted and breathed new life into the Ultimate Universe. A brilliant plan by Marvel that’s worked so far.

Ultimate Reed Richards (the Maker) and his secret cabal ruled the world in secret. Eventually, Howard Stark defeated Reed (Ultimate Invasion No. 4). Now the world has an opportunity to grow the way it should have. Unfortunately, with Reed gone, the cabal is in disarray. Each of them is attempting to carve out pieces of the world for themselves. Ultimate Black Panther No. 1 shows that Ra and Khonshu are after Africa.

The series starts in West Africa where Ra and Khonshu’s soldiers are killing innocent people in their leader's name. Meanwhile, King T’Challa’s spies observe. They begrudgingly don't intervene to report on what they saw. Shuri hears this and wants to go to war. T’Challa doesn’t disagree but knows he has to be patient and gather more information. He needs to know who and what he’s fighting before putting Wakanda at risk. 

During the annual celebration of life, a follower of Ra and Khonshu sets off a bomb to kill T’Challa and his father, T’Chaka. Before they detonate it, T'Chaka sacrifices himself to save his son's life. As T’Challa is falling, he switches to his Black Panther armor. As he rises he tells his soldiers, “Call the queen. And my sister. And the Vodu-Khan. Our enemies call themselves…Moon Knight. Wakanda is at war.

Killmonger and the Wind-Rider

Ra and Khonshu’s soldiers attempt to claim another West African village. This time, they ran into trouble. They’re met by Killmonger and a mysterious woman called the Wind-Rider. Killmonger says, "...your gods and hidden kingdoms will not protect you...but Killmonger and the Wind-Rider will."

We can assume the Wind-Rider is Storm and the Killmonger is the same from the comics. However, this isn’t just the Ultimate Universe. The Maker changed the universe's entire history. We could be looking at two new characters with familiar names. Who knows, maybe T’Challa and Killmonger won't be enemies. Unlikely, but anything is possible.

Stay tuned to Bam Smack Pow to find out who they are and what’s next for Wakanda.

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