Marvel Comics: Wolverine No. 43 explains Sabretooth's hatred towards Logan

Wolverine No. 43 shows why Sabretooth's vendetta against Logan is more than petty. There are emotions behind his attacks.

Wolverine Vs. Sabretooth - Trailer
Wolverine Vs. Sabretooth - Trailer / IGN

The feud between Wolverine and Sabretooth has always been personal. Victor Creed has attempted and sometimes succeeded in killing everyone Wolverine has loved. During his time with Weapon X, Creed took things a step further.

During Wolverine: The Logan Files, Sabretooth tries to kill Nightcrawler (Logan's best friend), Yukio (his lover), Amiko (adopted daughter), and James and Heather Hudson (surrogate parents). Knowing Logan would come after him, Sabretooth gave himself an advantage. He used Weapon X’s equipment to take Logan’s powers away.

These attacks are more than petty vengeance. There’s an emotional reason for them. Sure, Victor Creed is a sick person. He’ll kill and worse because he’s bored or wants to laugh. However, in Wolverine No. 43, writers Benjamin Percy and Victor LaValle explain why Sabretooth hates Logan. He misses their friendship.

Wolverine: Sabretooth War is promoted as Wolverine’s most violent story. So far, it’s made good on that promise. However, no one could have expected a deep moment from Sabretooth. Let alone an explanation for his current and previous attacks on Wolverine and everyone he loves.

Sabretooth starts by saying he’s immune to every drug on the planet. The only one he’s affected by is nostalgia. While Credd's thinking this, he’s having flashbacks to previous missions with Wolverine. Within those thoughts, they're having a good time. Creed goes on to say, “War is love. War is truth. I was truly myself back then. And so was he.” That shows a side of Victor Creed never seen. He’s even smiling with Logan during his memories.

All this time, Sabretooth wanted his friend back. Some people will read this and say it’s a weak explanation. This writer disagrees. It’s the most logical one. Sabretooth is emotionally stunted, but he still has feelings. For decades, he felt abandoned. Instead of having a conversation, he lashed out with violence. It's the only problem solver he knows.

Sabretooth's growth is overdue. Marvel Comics fans have seen Victor Creed take leaps in his planning and fighting, but there should be more. It wasn’t until his personality changed (after the Marvel event AXIS) that he more than an animal. Even then, he was essentially Wolverine with different claws.

Hopefully, the conclusion to Wolverine: Sabretooth War will continue to help Sabretooth’s character evolve. He's already a phenomenal villain. Putting a method behind his madness would put him in the same league as Joker.

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