Marvel Comics: Wolverine's greatest comic book influences

Wolverine didn't become a great character and hero on his own. Even the ones that hurt him helped along the way. Of all the Marvel Comics characters, these 13 influenced Logan the most.

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As Wolverine’s fiftieth anniversary continues, it seems appropriate to write about the influences in his life. He wasn’t always a well-rounded character. He went from a sickly kid named James Howlett to a teenager scared of everyone. As you see today, that kid is long gone.

Throughout his lore, the people who he came across helped him evolve. For example, Logan wouldn’t have become a skilled martial artist without Ogun. That led to his love for Japan and its culture. Both attributed to Logan's underrated personality.

This article will highlight the people that shaped Logan’s life. Some characters on this list will shock you. Others are obvious choices. Let’s start at the beginning. 


If Rose hadn’t taken James away after the massacre of his family, who knows where he’d be? He certainly would have been arrested for the murder of his family or experimented on after his claws were revealed. He definitely wouldn’t have become the Logan we see today.

One of the other influences she bestowed on Logan is his love for red-haired women. She was the first woman he’d ever loved. She’s also the first woman to die at his hands. Subconsciously, it’s the reason he was initially attracted to Jean Grey.

More importantly, without her, Logan never would have met Smitty.