Marvel Comics: Wolverine's greatest comic book influences

Wolverine didn't become a great character and hero on his own. Even the ones that hurt him helped along the way. Of all the Marvel Comics characters, these 13 influenced Logan the most.

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Jean Grey

It can be debated that Jean Grey is the biggest influence in his life. She's the first person to look past Wolverine's exterior. She saw the kind man behind the claws and the animalistic rages. This compassion leads to Wolverine believing he could be more than a weapon and a killer. At first, Logan did it so he could be with her. Eventually, he does it because he wants to be a better man. 

Tony Stark

You wouldn’t think Tony Stark would have influenced Wolverine’s life. They didn't interact much. It wasn't until New Avengers No. 6 by Brian Michael Bendis that this happened. This is where Tony asks Logan to join the Avengers. This results in friendships with Luke Cage, Spider-Man, and Steve Rogers.

Later on (Hunt For Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda), Tony tells Laura that Logan is his daughter and not his genetic clone.

Jubilee and Kitty Pryde

Logan continued to be an angry person. After meeting Kitty Pryde and Jubilee, paternal instincts started kicking in. The two young ladies joined him on missions despite Wolverine initially not liking it. Both of them saved his life too. If he never met them, Logan may have been an angry curmudgeon forever. Well, more so.