Marvel gives X-Men fans the news they've been waiting for with new update

With the announcement that a new writer has been hired to take over the reins of X-Men '97, Marvel has inadvertently given fans the news they've been waiting for!
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The mega-popular X-Men ‘97 animated series has taken us all on an emotional roller coaster since before it hit our screens earlier this year. Prior to its debut the shocking news of creator Beau De Mayo being fired from the creative team after writing both seasons 1 and 2. Now it seems the series has found a new writer in What If’s Matthew Chauncey.

Matthew Chauncey is no stranger to Marvel as he has co-written for Ms. Marvel and was a story editor and co-wrote a number of episodes for the also popular What If…?’ animated series. It seems like a perfect fit given he's familiar with the brand and has a history working with Marvel Animation.

Despite being removed from X-Men ‘97, Beau De Mayo proved himself worthy of praise as fans and critics rejoiced at the marvel that was this brilliant show. Fans would wait eagerly for the next episode and were highly invested in De Mayo’s work on the series. It still is kept tightly under wraps the exact reason for Beau’s dismissal but he did help promote season 1 with his own commentary via his Instagram and X accounts. And even speaking publicly about his involvement in the series.

X-Men '97 season 3 confirmed to be happening

With news that Matthew Chauncey has been added as the writer for season 3, we have official confirmation that a third season is in the works which is exciting!

The news of Matthew Chauncey now being the writer for season 3 has fans in a state of worry since we don’t know how season 2 is going to play out without the heavy involvement of De Mayo and with season 3 in development it's been stated that season 2 is going through revisions.

Will they skew away from everything the De Mayo built that satisfied many fans worldwide or is Marvel doing the right thing? Many fans are still team Beau and desperately want him to return to the project and others feel their joy and excitement for the next seasons robbed with this latest development for the animated series.

There’s no doubt that Chauncey will do a great job writing but hopefully, they stick to the formula and narrative that Beau started and continue what is proven to be a successful storyline.

X-Men ‘97 season 1 is currently streaming on Disney Plus.

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