Marvel: What's needed from each Fantastic Four character in the MCU

With the performers for the Fantastic Four cast, all that’s left is getting their personalities right. These are the traits needed to ensure the Fantastic Four doesn’t fail.

Fantastic Four | Marvel 101
Fantastic Four | Marvel 101 / Marvel Entertainment

After years of fan-casting and guessing, the members of the Fantastic Four have officially been cast. Pedro Pascal (The Last of Us) was the first person to join the project. Marvel announced the rest of the cast in a Valentine's Day post. Vanessa Kirby (Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One), Joseph Quinn (Stranger Things), and Ebon Moss-Bachrach (The Bear) complete Marvel’s First Family.

Certain things are needed with each character. Of course, there will be changes. It wouldn’t be smart to incorporate everything from the source material. Some things don’t translate well from the comics to movies and shows. However, there are necessities. For example, Deadpool has to be funny and Batman should brood.

Here are the characters, who are playing them, and what attributes are a must. Without these, the Fantastic Four will flop.

Pedro Pascal
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Reed Richards (Mister Fantastic)

Actor: Pedro Pascal

Reed Richards should be one of the two smartest people in the world (The other being Victor von Doom). This being a trait of his is a no-brainer. Another important aspect of his personality to go with his brilliance is his naivety in social settings.

Reed is a genius. He could create a device to destroy the universe, but not understand when Sue Storm is annoyed or needs her husband’s love. Things like this must be highlighted. Without it, Reed will be a one-dimensional character. Even the great Pedro Pascal isn’t impervious to critical comic book fans and this project will be viewed under a microscope.

Vanessa Kirby
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Sue Storm (The Invisible Woman)

Actress: Vanessa Kirby

When the Fantastic Four began, Sue Storm was the Invisible Girl. She could turn invisible and create forcefields. Years later, she changed the Girl to Woman in her codename and turned into the strongest member of the team. 

As Sue Storm became more confident, her abilities grew. Now, the things she could do with her powers are (pun intended) fantastic. For example, she once blinded Wolverine by making his optic nerves invisible.

She turned into a better leader in the field too. While Reed is in the laboratory creating, Sue is in the middle of things and directing the fight. She also helped the rebellion against Iron Man’s team during Marvel Comics: Civil War (against her husband too). Without her leadership, the resistance would have been arrested or killed.

Instead of waiting to make her strong, give her confidence early. She shouldn't be great immediately. That takes away from her growing as a character. However, it shouldn't take too long.

Johnny Storm (The Human Torch)

Actor: Joseph Quinn

One of the things the first two Fantastic Four movies got right was The Human Torch. Johnny Storm (played by Chris Evans) was more than a guy who goofed off and made fun of Ben. He came through in the clutch and loved his sister and teammates. Johnny only being comic relief is a disservice to the character.

As much as the casting seems weird, Joseph Quinn will portray this perfectly. He did this admirably in Stranger Things. Hopefully, the creative team knows. Johnny Storm has to be more than a pop star.

Ebon Moss-Bachrach
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Ben Grimm (The Thing)

Actor: Ebon Moss-Bachrach

Ben Grimm is one of the few perfect characters in Marvel Comics. His personality is so flawless it’s never had to change. He’s fearless, strong, and loving. Behind the bravery is an insecure hero. All of these qualities will make him perfect in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Reed is the leader, Sue is the strongest, and Johnny is the cool one. Ben Grimm is the glue that holds the team together. He reminds Reed that he needs to check in on his family, tells Johnny to be more responsible, and is the emotional support that Sue often needs. On the flip side, they’re also there for Ben. He has to be strong for everyone, so they’re there for him.

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