May the fan theories pour in: Tom Cavanagh will appear in Superman & Lois finale

Tom Cavanagh is set to star in the Superman & Lois series finale. Will he bring back Harrison Wells or surprise us as a brand new character?
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Whoa, hold on to your capes, folks, because it looks like we're in for a treat!

Tom Cavanagh, the man of many faces from Arrowverse's The Flash, is swooping into the Superman & Lois series finale. Talk about an unexpected guest star making a grand entrance! This doesn't seem like it'll be just a quick cameo - it's Tom Cavanagh we're talking about, a legend in the Arrowverse known for his ever-changing roles as the various versions of Harrison Wells. He's set to appear in the very last episode of Superman & Lois, intriguingly titled "It Went By So Fast."

I mean, could there be a more apt title for fans' feelings right now?

According to TVLine, Cavanagh had initially hoped to direct this finale episode - a nod to his previous stints behind the camera for the show, but the universe had other plans. Instead, showrunner Todd Helbing dangled the idea of acting instead. Cue the wild fan theories: will he be bringing back one of his iconic Wells personas? Or, perhaps, a brand new character to give us a memorable send-off?

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Given how Superman & Lois has strived to carve its own path outside the Arrowverse, it's anyone's guess how Cavanagh will fit into the Smallville scene. Maybe he'll reprise a familiar Wells, or perhaps he'll be someone entirely unexpected. How about an eccentric local from Smallville, or a mysterious new antagonist? There are so many ways they could go about his role, but I suppose we'll have to wait and watch the episode (or, hope that some more crumbs will fall along this trail).

And let’s not forget the other intriguing elements of this finale: only five main characters are returning as regulars, but we've got hints that other familiar faces from Smallville will pop up. It's like a reunion and a farewell party all rolled into one.

As for the premiere date of this epic finale? We're still in the dark, but fall can't come soon enough. This finale is shaping up to be a spectacular mix of nostalgia and fresh surprises. Let's start the countdown, keep our eyes peeled for more teasers, and maybe even prepare ourselves for a twist that only someone like Tom Cavanagh can deliver.

What a way to wrap up a show, right? It’s like the last piece of a puzzle, and we’re all here, eagerly waiting to see the complete picture.

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